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Decisions decisions! Too much choice among bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by rsser, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. Hi folks,

    Encouraged by the intelligent and informed responses I've had to questions in the past, I thought I'd pose this one..

    I'm about to go to a more sporting but still touring oriented bike.

    I can get good deals on a new FZ1 and a new '04 Triumph ST with panniers and heated grips (both will come in about the same price with my trade-in). I've also heard good things about the Honda VFR800 and can get a low km version second hand for less than the change-over price on the other two, and that would leave me with the proceeds of selling my current steed.

    I've read a heap of reviews on the web and none of these bikes appear to have obvious faults.

    My first concern is with the reliability and durability of the Triumph.

    My second is with the capacity of these three models to be flung through tight twisties or lumpy sweepers.

    Would be grateful to hear your experiences regarding these two concerns, and thanks in advance.

  2. Dude, everything I've read about the Triumph Sprint is that its one of the best sports/touring bikes on the market. Never ridden one, but just put a deposit on the same deal you mentioned, with the panniers and heated grips. 2 year/unlimited km warranty, european style, or just buy a generic jap bike!! And don't listen to any crap about oil leaks. :p
  3. Yeah, from all I've read, Triumph's reliability woes (if there ever was any) are a thing of the distance past. I'd probably go the Triumph of the three you've got there - if I wanted a something like that!

    Watch out for those VFRs - they have a strange tendency to 'lie down' when you least expect it! Isn't that right Marty? Mouth? Blackbeauty? :LOL:
  4. Your post will be deleted soon. You must not pick on people from the top of the food chain. :D :D :D :D
  5. Gee I have readen both the Trinmph Sprint and every model of VFR...

    I think it is a difficult desision providing the VFR is not the current model coz I realy didn't like it...

    From personal expiriance I would go for the VFR I think they are a good value for their money... And I never had any major issues in its life (81,000km and still going good).
  6. Over 86,000km on a '01 VFR800 from brand new. Daily commutes, day rides, multi-day (7+) rides of over 3,000km. It never missed a beat and didn't cost me a cent beyond standard maintenance/servicing items. Was still very strong and in excellent mechanical condition. I'm not a slouch through the twisties and the VFR was an awesomely matched bike for anything I threw at it, including some rides 2-up. Hours and days in the seat, and it was very comfortable. An extremely predictable and confidence affirming bike. You wouldn't complain with a VFR.
  7. Ah, but being a fellow motorcyclist, I'm sure you know it's always fun to take a little bit of a risk! :D
  8. Thanks for sharing your experiences folks.

    I test rode an '01 Viffer yesterday and was impressed. Runs like a Swiss watch.

    So now I'm thinking about what mods people have done to fettle it ..

    crash protectors (oggy knobs not made for this model)


  9. I've ridden the fz1 and really enjoyed it. I only rode it for about 45 minutes (test ride), and didn't come close to its limits, and it was also my first modern sports bike larger than 750 (I had ridden rf900's and fj1200's before but one can hardly compare those). It was very comfortable, the fairing was decent enough for me, and I couldn't find anything to fault during my short lived ride. If I had the money that is what I probably would buy. That or an sv1000s.
  10. Well, choice made.

    Got an excellent trade-in and purchase offer on a new '04 Sprint ST with factory panniers.

    Have put 400k on it.

    Overall I think the Viffer is the better fettled, but I didn't like the flat spot in the rev range nor the peaky motor.

    The ST has a noisy motor like all those triples but the power band is broader making it an easier tourer. On the other hand, the suspension will need some tweaking and that will involve some $$. It also has better rider protection from the fairing in my view - I'm 5'9" btw.

    I think the ergo's on the Viffer were better and will put some risers on the Sprint's bars to improve its. Then it's bolt on some oggy knobs and I think that will be it (unless I inherit and then will go Ohlin's mono-shock).

    Thanks for your advice all.

    Turns out the best bike is the best bike for you - no substitute for a test ride.
  11. Good choice! Sure you'll love the Triumph to death very shortly... if you don't already! That triple sound grows on you... >:)
  12. I would recommend the YZF600R thundercat... great compromise between sport and touring :D not sure if you can get them new here any more though :)