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Decisions decisions on new 1098s......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mr_1098s, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys !!!!!!!!

    my name is eric only new to the forums and nearly off my P plate for bike very shortly and my dad has said he wants to get me a ducati 1098s ... he has always been a big fan of duacti race motorbikes and said he would love for me to ride on of these new ones. his aim is to let me try one out and if he likes it get his own so we can go for rides to city and scenic rides and stuff

    Do you guys think 1098s would be uncontrollable coming off a BUG scooter as thats what ive had for the last year and a bit....... i guess it all comes down to how much u twist your wrist in the end but i dont want to kill myself

    I will also be getting new levers can someone recommend me some good brands and styles to get ?????

    any feedback or input would be great guys thanks heaps

  2. Funniest post I've seen all night. :LOL: :LOL:
  3. I think you should give the 1098s to me.

    Seriously though, it all depends on your skill level if you can control it. Go for a test ride and take it easy and see how it feels. If it feels "uncontrolable" then maybe take a step up to a cheapy 600 for a while or something.

    Personally I think the 1098s is more of a "wank material" machine and not really the best bike for touring and commuting but do whatever makes you happy !
  4. If this is serious and I VERY MUCH DOUBT it is, then the question really should be, do you care?

    If someone was gonna buy me a Duc 1098s, I wouldnt give a shit if i could ride or not. Id take it.

    Having said that, who the hell would buy their 18yr old son a bike like that as a first bike?!?! If he does, he has rocks in his head.

    Swap you a hyosung for it............
  5. yeah i will definately have to take some test rides to see what i like after i get new levers cause i dont want to push to hard incase i come off in normal clothes

    i once came in to a round a bout on the bug scooter in the wet and the back sort of slides out around there and i hit the accelerator control and it flicked me off in to the gutter i was wearing football shorts and a singlet and i had lots of gravel in my skin

    dont want that happening again thats for your help guys

    wat do you mean funniest you read all night ?????? thanks for ur help

  6. you're coming off a scooter and are getting a 1098 :shock:

    f*#king crazy you are...
  7. it was stupid mistake man we all make them i was on the way to pick up my girlfriend from highschool
  8. We should have a poll on who we think MR1098s really is.........
  9. Second thoughts. The quoted is funniest.
    Ummm lets see. Cant handle a bug so maybe 160hp would be better. Yeah that makes sense.
  10. But he is getting some 'levers', they will protect him!
  11. :LOL: :p :shock:
  12. sorry for my bad spelling and grammear people im not very good on computers ,,, i know the bike is very fast probly too fast for me so i may even use it as a show piece in the garage or even maybe put it in our house

    its not nice you guys teasing me maybe i shouldnt of signed up to ask some questions but i do thank those who honestly gave me feedback

  13. Mate, get whatever floats your boat. We cant stop you. Some of us think its a crazy idea though.
    Dont worry about spellin' or your grandmar. It was the thought, that you thought by wearing the leathers you'd be ok. In the scheme of things they may be the least of your worries.

    EDIT: Good luck even getting someone to give you a test ride.
  14. I'm still trying to figure out who's more stupid -the fisherman for using such poor quality bait or the fish for even going anywhere near it :shock: :shock:
  15. Sometimes it's fun to play the fish for a while.
    I know how to spell TROLL :LOL:
  16. is this a VIC joke? I know he wants one of these bad boys!
  17. Do you know how much insurance will be for an 18 year old on a brand new Ducati 1098?


    I guess money is not an option if you are thinking about spending mega $$ on something to have in your garage or house as a show piece.
  18. Maybe trainer wheels would be a better option
  19. i think you'll find a 1098s a bit on the limp wristed side. perhaps a turbo busa?
  20. I feel your dilemma, my 28th cousin Rossi is finding his YZR M1 is not competitive enough so his going to trade me for my Vespa. He said because it lighter it'll give him an edge in Japan

    Not sure if I should do it because it pretty powerful. Maybe if i get some frame sliders it will be ok. Does any one know if Oggy Knobs make ones that will fit this?