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Decisions, decisions, new or used.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by matressking, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. So I need a commuter and I refuse to pay a mechanic a couple thou for something I will be able to fix myself once I get some space to work in.

    I've just become an Australian resident and gotten a promotion so I think I'll celebrate by taking out some finance and buying something I will keep for 4 or 5 years at least.

    I was looking at 2nd hand 07/08 GSXR750s for about 10k but with the runout deals, buying new is looking like a good option. I'm not 100% though as the 2010 models do not really appeal to me looks wise. A silly thing I know but it would be my first new bike and I would like something I am 100% happy with.

    So now I'm looking at spending around 10-15k on finance and I have to decide what I want. I've previously owned a GSX250F and a SV650.

    I do 60k a day highway riding plus some longer trips from time to time.

    I loved the torquey engine of the SV for my commute. This is why I was going for the GSXR750 ahead of the 600. I have been advised that the 600 are very revvy and that the 750 would have that little more lower down that would satisfy me (haha dealer talking)

    I loved the naked look of my SV but obviously can lean towards faired too.

    Anyway, I'm thinking out loud here, but if any deals or bikes in particular out at the more seasoned among you I would love to hear suggestions. I have a fairly narrow knowledge base.

    Also any advice on the new/used question would be valuable. I like the idea of warranty, rego insurance discount all included in a price but if I could justify spending my budget on a better bike used then I would be open to that.

    Ha, I really need to narrow it down don't I!


  2. why do you want a gsxr for a commuter?

    I say go balls out. Superduke, svthou, something that would be fun in traffic.
  3. Most Hondas are pretty bullet proof,
  4. It's at the far end of your budget but if you really want torque, and are planning on using it mostly for commuting and longer trips, go for the Bandit 1250.

    Alternatively look for a good second hand SV1000.
  5. Because I've been in love with the 750s since I started riding and sometimes the heart is stronger than the head?

    Seriously though although it will be my commuter I do intend to take it out in the twisties and do my Caifornia SB School on it

    The white 2010 model is growing on me. I may be in trouble.
  6. I'd get a Supermotard, something like the DRZ400 & keep the other half of your money or get a balls out motard & spend the other half on servicing costs & beer.

    Actually, 60k's on the highway, scratch that idea.

    FZ8 might work in to your budget, otherwise a bandit 600/1200 or even a triumph... at that price point, the world is basically your oyster, barring most italian stuff...
  7. thanks MV. The FZ8 looks mean!

    Why would you suggest that over the gixxer?

    Sorry to be annoying here. I'm just SO rubbish at making decisions.
  8. No particular reason, apart from the fact it's supposed to be a very good all rounder, the Gixxer would be a lot more punishing for commuting.

    There's also the ER6, & Ninja 1000 that are pretty sensible machines...
  9. Are you saying you are getting the whole bike in finance?
  10. Thanks mate, will have a look at what kind of deals I can get on those. Another reason I was leanng towards the gixxer is that I'm getting a good runout deal.
  11. for $15k you could get a Street Triple R
  12. Mmmm the black and gold one is awesome. Gixxer is the same price.

    I am officially torn.
  13. About a 3k deposit. Why?
  14. I wont preach about it or try to ruin your dream, but going into debt on a liability is not good financial practice. If you've got a home lone, go the redraw. Otherwise only spend what you have.

    wont preach anymore.
  15. I've got a 07 gsxr750 that I used to ride as a daily. Would do about 60km a day to and from work. I also ride up and down to Sydney from Melbourne 3-4 times a year on it. It does get a bit sore on the back though. You are also right. It is a better looking bike :p

    I'd go 2nd hand and the money you saved can go towards modifications when the bug bights. And it will bight. lol
  16. aw but ibasssssssssssst!!!!

    I appreciate the advice as I have little understanding of all of this finance malarky. But, I will have this bike paid off in less than 2 years. I will end up paying a couple of grand over the 2 years for the privilege of owning the bike 18 months before I would be able to save up for it so in light of my new situation I am ok with that.

    If you would care to explain what you mean a little more I am open to listening as like I said, I am not exactly Scrooge McDuck over here with my understanding of finacial matters.
  17. Cheers for the reply mate. My analysis was as follows though.

    2010 Model
    2 year warranty
    1 year rego

    2007 Model
    3 month warranty
    3 month rego
    15000 kms
    $300 stamp duty

    It sorta makes the 2nd hand bike look like false economy. But again, I may be missing the bigger picture!

    p.s. first mods would be a FE and a GP1 pipe!
  18. The risk with a devaluing asset is that it's not hard to get into a situation where you have no asset and still owe the financiers money.

    Lets say in your case you buy the new bike for $15k and put down $3k of your own money. a couple of months later you loose you job. You miss a few payments, you can't sell the bike because no-one wants to touch the bike because it has finance, so the financiers end up repoing the bike.

    It's now second hand and they sell it at auction. They get about $10-11k for it. With penalties etc you still owe them $4-5k for a bike you don't own and you now have a bad credit record.

    You don't generally have this risk on an appreciating asset like a house but this stuff happens all the time with cars and bikes. There's a whole industry out there making money of repos.

    Personally, if I had $12k and had to finance $3k I might think about it, but not the other way round.
  19. Also, some financiers require full comp insurance on financed vehicles, even if they don't I would highly recommend it.

    So, that's another thing to factor into the purchase price.
  20. Is that $15k new price "ride away" or not?
    If not you're looking at roughly $500 for rego + $500 stamp duty + $500-1000 dealer delivery fee + whatever they gouge you for on any optional extras. Then there's also the cost of the first service.

    Plus the moment you ride it out of the showroom you immediately lose thousands of dollars in depreciation.