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Decisions Decisions & abs

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by 2Grumpy, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Having just discovered after returning to NSW many years ago from long a stint in S.A. my licence marked
    HR, the R stood for rigid(truck). I guess i was lucky as 1 rode my vintage Katana 1100 in NSW for 10 years on the wrong licence. OK easy fix just go to the local RTA (Now includes boats) They insisted I apply for a Riders licence.
    Ok did so straight away, sat the questions (under protest*) immediately (*as it was their fault as they originally presented with my SA riders, truck & car tickets). Got one question wrong in the multiple choice (as i was laughing so hard when I saw the question about bribing them I clicked the wrong one).

    Ok then they then presented my with a new NSW photo job with learner on it. ok still smiling they said if I took a test I would have a full licence, booked a test the next day had to drive down there a hire a bike. parted with over $150+ dollars after which I was informed that
    I could not "use the bike until the test" as it was regulations set by the RTA & also that i could not use their tops or riding area to practice before hand. had to wait until all the other tests were over from their 2 day course riders. allocated me a bike, sat on it and immediately asked for the one next to it as much as I tried i could hardly engage the rear brake. (felt more like engaging a centre stand)
    The test actually I did quite well i thought, including setting some kind of record for the shortest breaking distance they had ever seen,(mainly because I had managed used my heal to engage the rear brake to make it engage by literally standing on it whilst completing emergency stop braking).
    Failure yes I failed the test why as told to me"you used your front brake too much in the slow speed manoeuvres (no kidding) + not enough head checks. Despite my protest that backing a fence 40+ m away the head checks were entirely a waste of time unless the dukes of hazard jumped the fence he was uninterested.
    Saying that i could do his 2 day course for xxx dollars and pass, as if I would go back there !.
    Drove home fired up the katana did a similar simulated course on one wheel. Next day recontacted the RTA told i could not use bike until I had full licence so sold sam, as my teenaged kids tell me modern bikes are much nicer to ride & stop in the rain always a bug. About the big Suzuki sadly now has 100,000+kms on it & need another rebuild soon . Now what to buy ? as I have teenagers, the choice so far Suzuki GSX 650fu then cut wire 30 when I have full NSW licence or wait until 2013 Suzuki SFV650 Gladius with ABS. feed back on choice any one ? Still smiling, 4 now 2GRUMPY to be :cool:
  2. Gotta love licensing people! I know people who over the years, as the various license classifications changed, have gradually had their licenses upgraded. They started with a license to drive a small bus, ended up with a license to drive any rigid bus or truck, all without having to do any testing or training! License classes changed, they got their new license back after it expired, and hey presto, they'd received an automatic upgrade.

    Bit of a bugger when it goes the other way and you don't notice, though! At least you weren't pulled over and done for riding unlicensed unknowingly in the meantime, though!