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Decision to move to Melbourne..

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by mrCAMPO, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Morning folks,

    Last weekend, I had the chance to go south of the border. In relation to work, I was offered a key position in one of our offices on Bourke St CBD. I obviously work in Sydney so I'd be doing a similar role. (let's say its a promotion to learn the secondment account management side for Victoria Workers Comp)

    So there I am in the casual interview, just being shown around the offices and given the salary package offers etc. I leave the office and make my way back to Novotel on Collins st (where I stayed).

    I've been to Melb. twice already, but before I found a passion for bikes, and I must say that there seems to be a much bigger bike scene here! Every corner and footpath has a bike and the roads are so damn flat and in much better condition then Sydney. I realize how great this would be to take my new RS for a city spin commute.

    So really guys, I'm hoping the Melbournians could help, because I'm looking for advice on the decent places to rent in (Apartment 1 bedder close to city) and I'm newly single again which makes the possible move easier. Remember It's a 6 month secondment role so nothing permanent unless my employer would want me to stay..

    Sorry for reading my longish post, but any advice on nice inner-city living areas or anything relevant you want to add would be great. I have a mate living in Brighton and her fiance recommends Kensington.


  2. This is prob more Off-topic but anyway;

    What you have mentioned; one bedder place close to the city will be expensive. If you want off street parking with that for your bike, or even a garage to put your tools in etc, it'll be damn rare to find a place like that on a 6 month lease. I know, I've looked, for years.

    Edit: what is your rental margin??
  3. My apologies if this should go to the Off-topic Section. Please move if necessary. I was also trying to be as close as possible to the city because I'd prefer not to commute too far on the bike. A garage is a must too and I have been looking at a few places.

    My budget would entail $250-$350 max.
  4. You'll be pushing for a 6 month lease in general, let alone that price range for one bedder close.

    Commuting is fun!! Get into it!!! (although I actually enjoy traffic and splitting etc etc).
  5. west melbourne or north melbourne would be my picks(I live in West Melbourne) but you'll be looking at the $350 mark for a 1 bedder. Leaves you close enough to tram/walk in to the cbd and gives you great access to the main routes out of the city.
  6. I had an okay one-bedder in Richmond, with a LUG etc for $250 a week. What sort of area do you live in Sydney, and what areas do you like?

    As a sidenote, pretty sure you'll be working in the same building as me.
  7. Thanks for the tips. Gives me greater insight when looking for pads to get. I can imagine it might be difficult to obtain a 6 month lease.. I'll try.

    I live in Drummoyne which is the inner west part of Sydney. I bought a 2 bed Apt in Rhodes Waterside which is being rented by a mate (investment prop) so ideally a fairly modernish Apt in a nice fairly quiet area.

    Don't get me wrong I would love to commute on the bike, but easy access to trams/buses would be perfect for mon-fri periods.
  8. Agree about Kensington. It's got an industrial side, but it's far enough away from Melb. Uni that there isn't quite as much competition from overseas students for rentals. Consider Flemington, Ascot Vale, too. Richmond or Abbotsford at a stretch.

    Anything south of the river is going to be too expensive IMHO.
  9. Keep in mind that from what I can gather, our traffic isn't as bad as yours. 30ish min drive from the city = 20ish min ride

    The further from the city you go, the cheaper (theoretically) places will be :)

    We're in your price range and have 3 bed and double garage... just worth keeping in mind :)
  10. You have got it all wrong.
    You don’t want a place close to the city…
    You want a place that has a good ride to get to and from the city from
    Kew and Fairfield come to mind (Kew Boulevard every afternoon is a great way to wind down from work)
  11. I'm open to suggestions of course, so I can only take all advice onboard and start doing my research. Just don't suggest any ghetto areas (jokes!)

    Essentially I'm wiling to go within 15 mins (inc traffic) from the CBD. I can see Kew as being a 16min ride as per Maps which is ideal also. I can understand I could probably get a much bigger house in the further regions at the same cost, but I'm a bit spoilt for convenience and ease of access to the CBD... :(
  12. During peak times it is closer to 25 minutes
  13. some days it can take you 30 minutes to get down king street from north melbourne to Flinders street.
  14. Surely Melb traffic ain't as bad as Sydney traffic. Your roads are so much better organised which would presumably create better flow. But then again traffic's traffic when it's busy..

    What are people's thoughts on Docklands?
  15. Docklands is walking distance from town, it has a PT Hub right next to it, but there is nothing here (I say here because that is where I work)
    But if you have a bike go where you want do what you want so it is pretty central
  16. i get from parkville to scoresby in 30 - 35 minutes by bike and its an hour plus by car. I dream about living in somewhere like kew.

  17. In acquivista? I often see some nice bikes in there.