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Decision to Make... {like posting in the correct forum}

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by johnmoz, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. The bikes:
    Mine- '95 GSX250F 'Across' with just over 70KK
    The temptation- an '07 GS500F with 24KK to changeover for not stupid money.

    The dilemma

    I test rode the GS500F today. It was different in exactly the ways I expected it to be- more torque, quieter, not necessarily smoother, felt more 'planted' on the road, 'tighter' of course with 10 years and 50KK less wear. By the end of the couple of hours I was on it I was begining to enjoy riding it quite a lot. Then I got back on the Across and chucked it around a couple of corners I'm beginning to get a feel for on the way home and felt like I was coming back to an old friend again.

    I like the Across, it's fun to ride, I like the smoothness of the I4, I like the riding position, I like the convenience of the 'handbag'.

    I like the newnness of the GS500, I like the extra grunt and the fact that it doesn't dance all over the road in the wind, of which we're having plenty at the moment, I don't mind the riding position, I could get used to it.

    Faark, what am I going to do?

    Just thinking out aloud, folks...


  2. Re: Decision to Make...

    Go for it, you only live once...
  3. Re: Decision to Make...

    I'd ditch the Across and get the GS. The Across' were a good bike, but at 70k you're starting to get close to the possibility of some major engine work being required - and that's not cheap/easy to do with the old 250cc P-4s.

    Grab a 2nd hand rack/bag or topbox for the GS and you'll have the same storage, but without the limited range between petrol stations.
  4. Re: Decision to Make...

    New springs on your across will make it ride better than that overweight pos
  5. Re: Decision to Make...

    I always thought the GS500 used the same front suspension as the Across - with an improved version of the suspension being introduced with the 500F.
  6. Re: Decision to Make...

    I'd probably go for a 650 instead. The GS500F was good but nowhere compared to the Ninja 650 which I moved onto after the 500. Way better on the road and even in the cross wind. Last year I did 550kms from Thredbo to Griffith after the Snowys ride on the 650 in wind, storm and rain and it was awesome ! Gonna do it this year on my thou :))
    cheers and all the best on your choice.
  7. Re: Decision to Make...

    looked at the gs650f beemer? Older ones aren't too much and are very comfortable on long rides. Id did 23,000k's around oz on one and did'nt have an issue.
  8. Re: Decision to Make...

    Same forks on a bike with 40kgs extra weight?

    The only reason the across feels worse is because the suspension is shot, a 250cc should outhandle the pig. Anyway it is an option, if you buy well it should be cheap.
  9. Re: Decision to Make...

    This is why you have different rate springs.

    Also, the OPs comment was about the bike feeling more "planted" - which is exactly what you'd expect from something with more weight (especially when that weight is down low). Not everyone wants something light and twitchy, even if it is faster (on a perfectly smooth racetrack).
  10. Re: Decision to Make...

    True he should trade for a cruiser.
  11. Thanks to those who offered constructive comments.

    Yeh the increasing possibility of a grenade as the km climb is one of the things that had me thinking of the changeover. I'm quite at home rebuilding an engine but the downtime'd p!ss me off.

    As far as BMW's go I am rather partial to the marque- of the 5 vehicles I own the only one not a BMW is the bike- if they did a faired LAMS bike I'd be on it without hesitation. I have looked long and hard at the GS650's but I can't get into them, I much prefer faired bikes, that's just me. One of the K series RS's is my post LAMS intention, but for now I'm stuck with the restriction.

    I think the age and KM of the Across is beginning to overcome my preference for its nimbleness and the liquid cooled I4. Why didn't Suzuki release a 500CC eqivalent of the Across I wonder?

  12. There was a 400cc version - the GSX400F. Only real difference was larger cylinders, and a twin disc front end (much the same as with the GSF250/400, and the GSX250/400S). It is on the LAMs approved list, but not exactly common (and parts unique to the 400 can be very difficult to source).

    500cc bikes didn't make any sense in the Japanese market. As far as rego and licencing went they were the same as a 750 (which is why JDM bikes were typically 250cc, 400cc or 750cc).