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Decision FZ6n Vs. SV650- Got the SV

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by BiX, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. Well i have narrowed down my bike choice to 2 models, I am looking for a first bike, but something to keep for 5 years. Both these models feel nice, and both has positives and negatives for each. There seems to be a strong following for the SV650, but the FZ6n seems very quiet, i am not sure about this, is the bike bad? or is it that the sv650 has been around long enough it has the following? Insurance wise, the sv650 is $200 a year cheaper, than the FZ..........

    open for opionions and other info.

    Somebody here has already put up a review which said the FZ engine is not the best for smooth power delivery? I love the looks of the FZ. Price wise i can get both for within a few hundred of each other......... I am taking both for a test ride over the next few days, but having only riden a cb 250 and cb600 for Qride don't really have heaps of experince to compare to........

    such a hard decision........
  2. Basically the FZ6 has more power, the SV650 has more torque (and less weight). So whilst the SV would make a great bike for city riding or winding roads where you need acceleration the FZ6 is better in terms of outright speed. Given that the faired version of the FZ6 is one of the biggest selling bikes in Europe at the moment it can't be all that bad - supposedly makes for a very good sports-tourer.
  3. Thanks jd, thats the type of stuff i am after!
  4. The FZ6 is a horny looking bike, the SV looks like a bit of a lego bike to me. But the SV (esp when coupled with a remus or megacycle pipe) sounds sweeeeeeeet.

    Test ride them. You can only win.
  5. z750?? come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :LOL:

    always loved the SV, but would defiantely go a 1000 not a 650. FZ does look cool (dont like the one with faring tho... yuk) and would be quicker, revvier and generally more fun in the end. but change the SV to a 1000 and i think you have a winner.

    oz a z750. look how sexy they are!!
    i just wanna touch it up 8)
  6. Concur with Coco...

    The Z750 sells for a few hundred bucks more than the SV and for about the same money as the FZ6N and it pretty much dumps on them both.
  7. The z750 was one I hadn't even thought of getting.

    then I saw one.

    And then I sat on it.

    And it's awesome. i'm 5'7" and could touch both feet flat, sooo comfy & didn't feel heavy at all.

    Though I'd still prefer a hornet, it's on my "quite possibly" list along with the FZ6N if Honda don't get their act together
  8. I have set myself a limit of 650cc as this will be my first bike and i have had about 10hrs on a bike total. low seat height is not an issue as i am 6'3 and 100kgs.
  9. so I'm guessing you know that neither the FZ6N or the SV650 are LAMS approved???

    I thought you were looking for a bike to upgrade to mate.
  10. i think he has done Qride edgelett.

    but ohhhh how i wish i was in your spot. the z750 and FZ6 are going to be different to the SV because its a twin and theyre inline 4s. i, personally would go the SV cause its been around for a while, its a twin and it looks sweeeeeet.

    hey coco would you really suggest going straight to the thou? cause i'm riding a cb250 now and done plenty of kms but i'm still thinking the 650. purely cause i'm young and insurance will be a biatch and i'd rather put a mechanical barrier rather than a mental one on the right hand.
  11. Yeah I have Qride under my belt. So have a open license and can get any bike i want. But i want to put a limit on capacity, I am after a bike which i can learn on easily, but also that i won't get bored with over a few years. I have a good amount of self control and can slowly find the limit of the bike over time.

    I prefer the look of the FZ over the SV....... but if the fz is going to bite easily compared to the sv thats a different story. Insurance is a little cheaper for the SV, but not by much.
  12. Well, the Honda MPE website only lists the Hornet 900, not the 600... if it makes it back to Australia, the 600'll still have the same detuned CBR600F3 engine it had when it left three years ago.

    Biased as I am towards Kawasaki, I'm impartial enough to acknowledge that a carbed R1 fair spanks my ZX9 and that a carbed R6 has more motor and sharper steering than my ZX6. Similarly, I'm being impartial when I say that, compared to the Z750, a Hornet 600 might as well wear a tag reading "Made in China". The Z is a proper, quality-feeling motorbke with good suspension, strong brakes and a seriously punchy motor. On the Hornet, everything feels like an afterthought by comparison.
  13. Hmm, must try to cadge a ride on a Z750. The Hornet 600 always felt like top notch hoon fun to me.
  14. Oops...and here the Z's and FZ6/SV (to a high degree) keel over.
    Just go and have a sit on both first, then try to imagine a few hours on the road, crouched and folded over like a monkey-with-a-bellyache, chewing yer own knee-caps.
    You might wanna look elsewhere, like an older 4-pot/ Honda Transalp/ BMW 650 GS or other "chookies".
    Otherwise you might look for another bike way too soon.
  15. I'm 194cm and used to have no trouble doing 200km stints on an R1 with rearsets.

    These days, two damaged knees and a back injury later, I can get on the highway on the ZX6, crouch down so my visor's down by the lip of the screen, elbows out past knees and hold that position until I have to switch to reserve some 250km later.

    The whole idea that some bikes are too small, or too cramped for certain body shapes is a bit of a crock; you get used to it.
  16. check out the usa honda site...powersports.honda.com

    and look at the 2006 "599".

    that's the bike I'm praying will come here.
  17. bix: I like the SV650 over the FZ6n, but you already know that :) I'm also starting to like the ER6n. Must win new years lottery :)
  18. back to original topic - I prefered the FZ6N over the SV650 myself. Just felt more comfortable.
  19. Yes, that's the one I was referring to when I said,

  20. v-twins are much more fun to ride than a 4, especially with a nice pipe