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Deciding on bike gear (mainly helmet)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by The_Doctor, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,
    I've been borrowing a mates riding gear for a while now and finally its time to get my own.

    I've been told Flyin-brian (ebay store in america) is the place to get leathers, gloves etc, and I'll probably end up doing that, but i'm in 2 minds about what to do in the helmet department.

    My mates helmet is a $800 shoei, and I don't think after wearing a comfortable helmet I could go for a cheapie, so I'm looking for opinions on what's the best bang for buck helmet out there at the moment.

    I'm "hoping" to spend around $500 or below, but will consider a bit more if something fits.

    thoughts? or should i just hit the stores and start trying shit on?

    Also, what's the name of the bike shop near oxford st sydney? went there the other day to buy new headlight globes, but can't remember the name of the joint.

  2. I recently picked up a Shoei XR-1000 diabolic zero helmet for $560 - its "last years colours" or something alone those lines, so it was a run out model, however normally costs $800. Fantastic helmet, light weight, fits extremly well, very comfy and looks great. Bit out of your price range, however all the bike shops seemed to be running them out at the moment, so it might be worth a look around.

    Alternatively, i would also recommend a Shoei TZ-R. Lower speced model, but still an excellent helmet, but its cheaper, obviously.
  3. One thing I found out on the weekend, you really need to be sure of sizing. One aussie site had US sizes and according to that, a 44-46 would fit me. Go to the shops and find that 54 is the correct sizing.

    Go and try a few helmets (says the guy who bought the first one he tried :oops: )
  4. That would be Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket, http://www.mcas.com.au/pw/pages/view-our-stores/sydney-city-store.php#city photos one of the good names in the business, and with a fearsome range of helmets

    Helmet Warehouse on the Hume Highway at Yagoona also specialises in helmets and also has a huge range of replacement visors, etc.

    I know you're looking at the middle to upper end of the market, but I just bought a Nitro N317V flip front (came into the market before Wayne Gardner became the distributor at around $399) for $199. If you wear glasses or sunnies while you ride, the advantage of not having to take them off to put on your helmet, and not having to take it off at all when paying for petrol, may be a consideration.
  5. mcas and action are around there, action have a range of shark helmets which are quite nice

    if you like shoei, go to helmet warehouse in yagoona, i just bought a mate a shoei the other day and it felt lighter than my arai... didn't fit my head though (fit his perfectly)

    $470 if i remember right, there was another one there for around $430 but he didn't like the design.

    in the end you just need to get one that fits your head, if your mate's one fits perfect, why not just get the same one (same size) and pick a different design?
  6. There are some nice shark helmets in that range?
  7. I bought my Shoei TZR with an irridium visor for around $500. A lot more comfy and quiter than my Nitro. Very happy with it. :)
  8. I got my AGV GPPRO for $369, retail was $700 because it was last year's graphic! OH and it fitted correctly, try a lot on.
  9. Thanks for all the feedback guys, I'm going to ride over the bridge to mcas on my lunch break to check out some helmets.

    The guys there were really helpful when I visited previously, so if they have something that fits and suits my price range I'll just grab one there as my mate wants his gear back tomorrow night.

    I actually stumbled across that helmet warehouse site last night, so if I can't find anything today, I might just wait til the weekend and ride down there for a look.

    Would buy one online, but definitely don't want to end up with an uncomfortable fitting hat.
  10. Seriously check out Helmet Warehouse at Yagoona. They will look after you in terms of Helmet prices.

    They got the Shoei XR 1000 in the "ugly" colours starting from $470 or something...on top of that if MCA or whoever will sell it to you cheaper, they will take even more off.
  11. Yeah point noted. It started pissing down today so I didn't get a chance to ride over to mcas anyway, so might check out mcas, try some sizes and take a pen and paper, then make a trip to yagoona to compare prices.

    I think my brother has an old dirt bike helmet I can scum around on until the end of the week to tie me over.
  12. +1 have a RSR2 and love it
  13. Go the shark, as good as a shoei but cheaper.
  14. i paid $550 for my Arai Vector helmet,

    its really hard to say what to get, your best bet is to go to somewhere like peter stevens and try on the different brands, they all fit differently on ur head... get someone there to help u out too...

    i went in there thinking i liked the look of the shark, but the shape didnt fit my head so i couldn't get it....

    you will most likely find that some of the cheaper brands will fit and some of the more pricey ones will fit... all just depends on how much u want to spend..
  15. Did you have any other problems with the Nitro? I have one which I picked up on super special as they were trying to get rid off them. Paid $150, RRP was $450 or something similar. The only problem I have with it is trying to find a tinted visor to fit. Not too much of a problem seeing I wear prescription sunnies.
  16. I'm heading out to the helmet warehouse on saturday now as I no longer have a helmet to use.

    Unfortunately for me I have a weird shaped head (longer shape rather than round), so the cheap ones with just foam won't work, need one with a bit more cushioning that will shape to my head.

    I'll have a look at all of them and update the thread once I get one.
  17. Nawh, more likely you need to find the brand that has the same 'head' as you do.

    Each of the helmet brands usually has a different head shape they cater to (this is what someone means when they say 'I have an Arai head', or in my case, a 'Shark' head).

    Try on a bunch of different brands and see which brands fit, then look in their product ranges to find what you like/can afford. You'll find something that works. :grin:
  18. I may have the same head type. The Arai's just didn't fit right. Suomy was ok, but I ended up with a Shoei XR1000 after trying on the HJC back to back.
  19. Fellers, I went down to the helmet warehouse today and bought a XR-1000 for $559. Its silver with a dragon and some stupid face on the side.

    Went in wanting to buy a kbc stealth, but they were the totally wrong fit for my head.

    Tried an OBK in XL and that fitted pretty well, but once you've been riding with a shoei for a few months I just don't think you can step down to a cheaper helmet.

    So I walked away with the shoei, don't really care about the graphics, fits perfect and very comfortable. Tried on some leathers to, fitted well, but I reckon I'll take my chances and get them from flyin brian on ebay... least I have my size and an idea of what I want in terms of leathers.

    cheers again for all the feedback and suggestions.