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Deciding on a new bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by tricey, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Hey, Ive just got my motorcycle license and im planning to buy a bike, ive been wanting to buy a sportsbike. I am leaning towards the ninja 250 but as im pretty tall 6'1" and 75kg im wondering if the bike will be suitable for me?

    Daily riding will consist of about 50-70km journeys including the eastern fwy. Im planning to buy the ninja 250 and selling it within a year when my confidence goes up on riding a bike..thoughts?
    Ive been reading up and people have mixed comments about fwy riding on the bike, i wouldnt mind revving the bike at high revs on the fwy.

    My budget is about $5k-$6k on the bike and about $1k-$1.5k on gear and misc.

  2. They seem to be good value and I see a lot of these little Kawa's around here.

    Also have a look at a VTR250. I know it's a naked, but a damn fine learning platform and pretty grunty for a 250.
  3. spend 2k on gear and misc
    spend 4-5 on bike.
    Seriously Buy a naked bike like a VTR or a dirt bike (Yes they are still very capable on the road) and you will not regret it when not if you drop it.
    Trust me, these naked bikes are pretty much the same as your learner sports bikes but cheaper to buy/maintain/repair.
    Any bike you will buy will be replaced after 1-2 years, so why not do it cheaply?
  4. Size wise it should be fine, and performance wise it'll cope fine with freeway riding. It's only trying to overtake on single-lane highways where you really notice the (relative) lack of power.

    If you're only planning keeping it a year then don't waste 6k on a ninja. Spend 3-4k on an earlier GPX in good condition instead. Performance is basically identical (the Ninja is slightly heavier), but it's a lot cheaper sourcing parts for a GPX in the likely event you drop it.
  5. This gets said a lot, but is a bunch of ass. Many people don't drop their first bike. It's not inevitable.

    To the OP: ninja 250s are good. VTR250s are better (IMHO). Hornet 250s are also pretty sweet, and good at motorway speeds.
  6. 50-70 kms a day on a 250?? As mentioned earlier as your confidence increases you will want to be able to overtake at higher speeds. How about an old gs500? Doesn't matter what year model, so long as the electrics work and there is a service history you should be fine, spend the balance on an advanced rider course. If you buy a LAMS bike you'll end up keeping it longer and the transition to a "big" bike won't come as a shock
  7. cb400, cb400 or cb400
  8. I though cb400s were worth more than that? Get a gs500/gs500f
  9. If I were you I'd go a bigger bike for what your doing.
  10. GS500. Easily pick up one for $4k
  11. Any of the above suggestions and you can't go wrong.

    There are alot of myths about 250's not having enough power for freeway speeds, thats complete nonsense, just about any 250 will fly on the freeway, and will still take of from 100 and keep climbing pretty fast if you get your gearing/revs right.

    Best advice, go out to some dealerships and sit on all the models your interested in, and some your not, find one that is comfortable, and appeals aesthetically to your tastes and there you go. Problem solved.
  12. +1 for the VTR.
    I've been riding mine for a bit over 2 years now and never had any problems with it.
    I only ride about a 35k round trip to and from work every day, most roads being 60-80k, and its fine.
    Freeway riding has never been an issue either, plenty of grunt in it and has a nice tone too with the Staintune exhaust (bought with it already fitted).
  13. if you never drop your bike you arnt riding it hard enough...
    This also has been said many times and is a proven fact
  14. Or often enough.
  15. Stating something a lot doesn't make it a fact.

    The only time I've dropped a road bike was on my first day of riding at QRIDE. Target fixated while turning then slammed on the front. Down, but didn't get hurt. Wasn't my bike - was the training place... my first bike didn't get dropped. I'm not a nana, as my chicken strips will attest to. But I'm not an idiot either.

    One of my buddies, who's be riding much longer than me, has only dropped bikes twice. Once on his old blade when hitting oil on a roundabout in the rain, another time recently he misjudged a driveway at low speed and dropped a bike on the grass (don't ask). He's in the fast group on track days.

    The street is not a racetrack. Leave 10/10ths riding for the track.

    And stop telling all newbies that everyone drops their first bike just because you did. It's not the end of the world if they do, but it's not expected. I'd say that most newbie drops aren't rear wheel slides from pushing it either, they're either slow speed falls, gravel, or panic/target fixation.
  16. Im just coming out of my newbie phase and I have never dropped my bike, and I don't intend to either.
    And whats all this nonsense about "not riding hard enough if you haven't dropped your bike". Seriously? You have THAT much testosterone? Leave the boy racing for the track, when I ride i'm not trying to push the limits and kill myself, and I sure as hell don't have square tires.

    How about we rephrase it, if you DO drop your bike (and you don't know your limits) your "not riding smart enough"
  17. Agreed that all the bike suggestions are pretty good.
    Have fun shopping around!

    But this statement got me wondering.

    When is a newbie no longer a newbie? How do you know?!:-s
  18. Spend you money on gear, then buy a bike with the change. You'll have the gear longer (and if you don't, you won't want to have spent lots on your bike anyway). Also VTR250 has been mentioned a number of times - great bike, cheap to run, easy to learn on.
  19. i vote for a motard, cheap to fix, lotsa fun and comfortable for fwy droning than the more race oriented sports bikes.
  20. Have a look in the bikes for sale in the classifieds on here.
    Within your stated $$ range too.
    There's a couple of GS500's and ARC's mint ninja. The only problem with his ninja being the paint might be worn off from all the cleaning. hahahaha, joking of course.