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Deciding between BT003RS - Sportsmart - Rosso Corsa

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by AznCruiser, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Need help deciding between three excellent tyres………

    My choices right now are:
    BT003RS ----------- ($400 installed);
    Rosso Corsa ----------- ($449 installed);
    Dunlop Sportsmart ------------ ($429 installed).




    Im not fast but IMO its always better to get the good stuff under ya, especially if it can one day it can save ya (tyres are close enough in price anyway)………

    Ive tried the BT003RS before and absolutely love how they turn in, also how it absorbs small bumps, and their dry grip. The only things I didn’t like about the BT003RSwas that I don’t think they reach temp quick enough, their wet weather performance is also lacking (its not fun having the back end skating around all over the place)………..

    Currently im on an inherited and worn out Dunlop Q2. I like how the Q2 grips, but its not as quick tipping in as the BT003RS and I also found that it doesn’t soak up mid corner bumps as well as the BT003RS……….do the Sportsmart behave the same was as its Dunlop Q2 brother?

    All three tyres grip well in the dry (far higher than my limited skills), and ive been told that the Corsa and Sportsmart have better wet weather performance. BUT which tyre absorbs bumps better (softer) and which one warms up quicker? Im willing to sacrifice wet wether performance and milage for bump absorbtion and quicker warm up…….

    Thanks for any advice guys…………………..
  2. this time of year - metzeler z8
    second choice would be the pirelli rosso corsa

    but what's the bike ?
  3. Any experience with the Rosso Corsa........do they have soft sidewalls? I like soft 8-[8-[8-[8-[ lol...........

    This ones going into the ZX6R that currently wears the Q2, current tyre looks sh*thouse after overheating from a puncture........
  4. z8's don't have soft sidewalls. but they are at temp fast on cold mornings. good to go from cold.
    grippy and stop fast in wet. they are a street tyre, nothing like Q2's or the bridgestones you like. but still a fairly sporty profile and nimble handling.
    the pirellis i was considering, until i got a good price on the metzelers. because recommended by friends.
    but my choice was influenced by the weight of my bike. she is a very heavy girl. heavy in the front.
  5. Sportsmarts have a pretty stiff carcass, the front can feel a bit harsh but I find backing off compression about half a turn works for me. I'm on my third set so far and for the money they are good value, great track tyre, good on the street and decent mileage.

    BT003RS's are more of a track focused tyre IMO, awesome on the track, ok for the road but won't last too well, I know a very quick road rider who loves these things but he shags a set of tyres out very quickly. They seem to go from loads of tread to bald in no time.

    Diablo Rosso Corsa, my wife has a set of these on her GSXR750 and loves them, just a great all round tyre, good at the track, great on the street but some people struggle to get decent k's out of a set. It all depends on how you ride though
  6. DRC are good ,
    but I get 20% more KM out of the SportSmarts.
  7. Thanks Bamm-bamm.......................in your opinion do the DRC feel like it has a stiff carcass? Thats one of the things I hated about the Q2 and one of the best qualities of the BT003RS IMO..........tyre wear doesnt really worry me as much. Id rate carcass > wet weather > tyre wear in terms of importance.......I know all these tyres has more dry grip than I can handle so thats a moot point.
  8. This wont be my daily ride............well that is unless your counting a 1km ride to the local station :).

    I havent heard anything bad about the sportsmart. The only downside that ive heard is the stiff carcass........which just so happens rates as the most important thing for me.
  9. They're all good tyres, but km and wet performance seems more the Sportsmarts' forte compared to the Bridgestone. The Pirellis aren't as good for lasting either, by the sounds of it.

    The Sportsmarts, according to the online reports I was looking at just a week or so ago, are a step up from the Q2 and are said to last longer. I wouldn't judge too much by the used Q2 set you're talking about.

    The point about suspension adjustment to allow for the carcass construction is well worth noting, plus you might find a couple of less psi helpful too.

    I like (and am familiar with) the feel and characteristics of the Dunlops and am getting a front Sportsmart put on next week. It's being teamed up with a Pilot Road 3 that just recently went on the rear, so I'll see how that mixed marriage works.

    I wasn't super-stoked with a rear Pilot Road 2 I had for a while, finding the grip towards the edge not especially supreme as well as breaking away more abruptly than the OEM (which is generally not the same spec as the ones you buy yourself) Qualifier "1" on the same bike, plus I found it less communicative than the Dunlop. Again, bear in mind that I know the Dunlops better, but they are known for this. The PR2 is a good tyre though, and they last quite well, but I prefer more grip, even if at the expense (within reason) of tyre life. All the ones you're considering are almost certainly better in that respect.

    The Pilot Road 3 does seem to be notably better than the 2, so you might consider those as well, but I suspect they're at least a little less sticky than the ones your shortlist, hence my decision to go with PR3 rear and Sportsmart front.

    A popular choice in recent times was a Pilot Power front and PR2 rear, in order to have the grippier front with a better lasting rear, especially when some travel is part of the bike's usage.

    Note that Bridgestone has just released the S20 Battlax, which is the successor to the BT-016 Pro. It supposedly sits just below the BT-003 RS for outright performance, but with more emphasis on grip in the wet, so if it's already available here it might be just what you're after - visordown.com/bridgestone-battlax-s20-review

    That's a good price for the 003 that you've quoted there, so maybe there's that too.
  10. I don't commute at all on mine, either.

    But when you do enough KM on the weekend/nights swapping tyres every four weeks or so is a pain in the butt !

    The sportsmarts are nice n sticky plus extra KM ... win win !
  11. Love the Corsas. Find them very stable. Just sticks on a line.
  12. thanks all....a darkhorse in the M5 for $440. I might get this, got the txt msg from WRP a couple of days ago.........ive gone to these guys several times before and they are a top bloke.
  13. they won't dissapoint.
    but as others have mentioned, consider adjusting suspension