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Decided to stop lurking

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mick80, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. Hey all, thought i'd better sign up and stop lurking. After reading the posts i'm probably best described as a "younger" (under 30) cruiser riser. I'm on a Triumph Speedmaster after getting off a VTR 250 during my L's and P's.

    Also own a XR250R and a Z50J "Monkey Bike"

    Love getting out on the XR but still only a amateur. The 50 is still in pieces after being stripped down.

    Live in Northern Syd, nice and close to the old road and out to Wiseman's, don't know why I didn't do this earlier !!!!

  2. Welcome Mick. :)
  3. hi Mick,
    Welcome to the forum, hope to see you on old pac sometime. I'm progressing to the point where I will soon feell confident to join in one of these group rides.

  4. Thanks guys,

    John, my first ride was from Berowra to Brooklyn on the Old road, in the pouring rain, about half an inch of water on the road, doing a lot beter these days!

  5. im planning to get a few of us and head up your way soon, destination will be to that pub on the corner of terrigal rd and havenview rd to cook our own steaks, awesome pub, love it there

    and welcome in Mick, dont mind the speedmasters, good looking cruisers
  6. Thanks for the welcome Goz
  7. Welcome dude, New to the forum myself. Just upgraded from a 2000 VTR250 to a CBR600F 99 model. Love it!

  8. Excellent, sorry I didn't this earlier. Hard to keep track of all the subforums on here.

    I'm loving this forummm.

    Hope to see you soon, I'll keep an eye on the ride announcements.


    PS sorry for the hijack
  9. Yay! Another one in Syd. Welcome mate.

  10. Thanks for the welcome guys, will keep an eye out for you out and about
  11. Welcome to the Netrider forums Mick (y)