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Decided to pull the trigger

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by HeavyNinja, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. Hey guys green as green here. Name is Adam, Decided it was time to ride. Going to sit my theory exam this week, then start lessons immediately.

    Looking at bikes was thinking ninja 250r but I am over 100kg (for now) so am thinking 500-600cc but need recommendations on used bikes between 5000-6000 suitable. It will do short trips on open road as I live regional.
  2. welcome aboard :) good luck for the Ls.
    As for bike try sitting on a few to see how they feel
  3. Glad you could join us have fun it's a blast
  4. Welcome :cool:

    Maybe have a look at the bikes in the 400+ range. If you're a tall guy then try the sports tourer style bikes or maybe a 650 LAMS VStrom if you don't mind the adv/tourer style.
  5. Cheers guys. 69sim I am not tall, only 5"11, I have to stick within my budget and it is seemingly difficult. Was thinking last night, might just get a ninja 250r and pit up with it while I am green, then save and upgrade once my 12mnths of R-E is up and pass the ninja on to my mrs who also wants to ride. I am a fan of sports bikes, I have seen a few hondas in my budget but they are naked bikes and just not keen on the look. A family member who has ridden forever and has ridden most brands, has said to buy a kawasaki.
  6. Mate at 100kg's and 5'11" a 250 ninja will drive you bonkers in no time.

    Consider a CB400. Yes it's naked - but less to damage when you drop it :whistle: Also a decent size starter bike for your other half. I'd say consider the Kwacka er6, but 650cc may be a little too much if you've never ridden before.
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  7. Yeah, the CB400 loves a drop! Just ask mine! :)

    To be honest though it's more at home in the suburbs. Had a look on Bikesales, CBR500R seems right in the budget and you can get the ABS version too.
  8. 400cc plus I think would be good. Go sit on a bunch, test ride them after you get your license. You'll soon figure out what not to get, and that will allow you to focus your search on maybe 1 or 2 models, then just a case of waiting fro the right one at the right price to pop up.
  9. Thanks guys. CB400 is too expensive, the CBR500 is in the right ball park. Either way got to concentrate on my licence first then bike. Plan on doing an hr a week lesson. Hoping after 5-6 I will be ready to do the test. Then can look at bikes. I had a feeling 250 would be too light for my weight, problem is my mrs wants to learn and at 5"2 and 65kg, I think she will struggle with a heavy bike.
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    CB400 would be the compromise if you intend to pass on to the missus. Low seat height but still enough go. I'm 95kg and can pillion my 60+kg kid with little issue. An older CB400 should set you back maybe 5k?
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  11. Agree with GoozaGooza - CB400 will be fine for you and the missus will be good on it as the seat height is only 770mm, and for shorties that's gold!
  12. All the following should suit your budget:
    Ninja 650

    I had an Er6n LAMS. Plenty of punch 2up. Quite a short bike with low centre of gravity and not too heavy. Should work for what you want.
  13. Well sorted my instructor. Just got to go do theory tomorrow, then the fun begins. Guy reckons 4-5 lessons, really nice guy. Then after that save for the bike. Love the CBR500R, but the instructor is my weight and uses 225's and says they sit on 110 no issues, so a ninja 300 might come back into the list, gotta kind of think of my mrs in this one. Either way licence, then shop as I can ride before I buy.
  14. I am 5"11 at 94kg and I love my vtr250, I know you arent looking at a naked bike however my vtr250 is big enough and fast enough for now