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Decided to buy a racebike - what the hell now?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by yama_nut, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Gday, I'm sick of taking my r1 to the track Im too anxious about stacking it cause I can't afford to fix it and its ruining the fun not being able to push.

    So Ive decided to buy a cheap and nasty racebike for track days, I want something light and flicky, possibly an rs250 or an rgv or a 600.. also it would be a bonus if it could be raced at club level in a year or so .. I can spend up to 5 or 6 grand but Id much rather spend 3 or 4, how it looks is not a concern. I want something that if I highside im not going to cry myself to sleep for a week cause I've knocked 4k off the resale!

    I've heard of people picking up f4's and such for 3 grand, but Ive got no idea where to even start looking, if anyone who knows about these things reads this I would love some advice cause I dont know jack at the moment.


  2. Plenty of used track bikes on eBay
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  4. Watch NSWRATS for track bikes going for sale. 4 grand is enough to get you a tracky, go for one thats already been prepped for track work.

    I completely understand what you mean, I take it very easy on the track with the blade, I get more lean on the road ! :S
  5. There are threads aplenty on this very forum.

    Pick a class. That's important. There is just about a class for any bike, just don't buy something without checking first.

    Join a club. Amazingly cheap, Preston is a great place to start. They are part of the Victorian Interclub series and gives you lots of chances to race. Being a member of a club also allows you to:

    Get your MA licence. You'll need Ambulance cover or an insurance policy that provides it. It's an open book exam and hand over cash affair. About $300 all up.

    You need certain gear. One or 2 Piece (zip up) leathers, AS Helmet, boots, gloves and a back protector.

    Your bike need to be race prepared. The rules for your class determine what other things you might need to do, but lockwire is your friend.

    Bear in mind that a lot of club racing is held at the smaller tracks, so a smaller bike isn't a problem. There are classes for 250 4 strokes, Motards, 125GP bikes, Superstock 600's, Twins, litre bikes. 600's and 1000's are pretty serious and can be quite expensive. But no racing is cheap so don't believe anyone who says they can do it cheaply. You can't. You can cut costs, you can scrimp here and there, but it's still pricey.

    Preston MCC run Race Introduction days where you can learn a lot more.
  6. I was thinking the same thing as CJ… then I noticed the ambiguity of the wording. Do you want a track bike? Or do you actually want to join a race series?
    CJ’s advice takes you all the way to a race series
  7. Well i am obviously the worlds worst google searcher because I spent half a day on the net and I didnt find any of that. Thanks for the links and the advice, now to start searching...

    I don't think I can resist that Broadford day either, I tried to get in there on the way to Winton once but it was all closed off and we were worried about dogs so I still haven't seen the track :nail:
  8. go for the 250 2T catagory imo. Those bikes just look so sweet to blast around the park.
  9. well my first bike was an rgv and that definately gave me the 2t bug, i would be stoked if i found a nice one.. only problem is ive ridden a few 2ts that were utterly clapped out, from rs250s to RGVs to NSRs ive been on some real lemons so ive gotten the impression that they are mostly grey import time bombs that will shoot a piston into orbit on the first straightaway

    ..but i will definately keep my eye out- im sick of following people around while they mow their lawns just to get a hit of that 2t smell :tantrum: