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VIC Decent ZZR250 closer to Melbourne City than Pyalong, Croydon, Rowville.

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by TheRuss, Jan 4, 2011.

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  1. Looking for a first bike for a mate at the moment and he is pretty happy with a ZZR 250 to start with (based on model age, budget, general condition, etc).

    Jumped on Bikesales and narrowed down to:
    < $4000
    < 40k km

    There's about 16 left at this point of various ages and between $3-4k, which is the right price point.. but nothing anywhere near home!!

    This is a combination wanted/vent I guess.

    Surely there must be hundreds around... right?! Or are they all going to be sitting in at Quincey's with inappropriate price tags?
  2. Maybe try searching the trading post website or ebay - both allow you to narrow the search based on the distance from a particular postcode.

    This one might be worth a look:
    I noticed it when I was looking for a bike a couple of months ago but found something better. The fact it's still for sale may mean there's something dodgy, but could also just be because the owner was expecting too much for it previously and may have since lowered the reserve to a more reasonable level.
  3. My Mrs just got her full licence, but not sure whether she is ready to upgrade from her ZZR or not? Mechanically A1 but been dropped a couple of times. Still cosmetically good. 2000 model, slightly outside your K range, about 50 maybe? Bought off here. Paid 3g 18mths ago and then forked out about $700 at first service about a week later for RWC issues despite it coming with a RWC..... go figure!!??

    I haven't researched prices, but would be hoping to recoup our initial (before the $700!!) outlay, so at the lower end of your budget.

    Can send pics if interested or view in Nth Balwyn.

    (No guarantees, might get my head bitten off for even thinking of a sale!!) :bolt:
  4. Cheers for the replies guys!

    We ended up finding one not too far from home in the right price range. Was advertised a bit high for what it was, but we negotiated a more realistic set of prices (based on whether or not it will have new tyres after the roadworthy).

    Damn it felt gutless though... I have to try and ride another one ASAP to make sure that it just felt bad because I'm used to the Gix!! It's been so long since I had mine that I can't remember what the power delivery used to be like.
  5. Gsxr750 = 147 hp
    zzr250 = 35 hp

  6. Haha, hell of a difference huh!?

    I found another one to ride/compare and I think that it did have a little less pull from stationary... But I think that was due to low tyre pressures and an issue with the clutch cable and a couple of other small things that got sorted with the roadworthy.

    All good now - my mate went for his first ride today and is stoked! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.