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Decent size practise area Sydney inner west?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ripley, May 30, 2016.

  1. Hi, I am new to the site, got my first bike about a month ago. I did a few searches on here and elsewhere to find some tips on some good spaces to practice in the inner west but the threads seem to be very old. I checked out an area in Marrickville that someone recommended (garden st) but there was a lot of rubbish and dodgy people sifting around and also a few cars, actually got beeped at by an SUV for going slow on a one way back st sigh.. I wouldn't want to go back at night. Some of the cars parks recommended a few years ago (enmore tafe) also appear to be gated now when they are empty.

    So I'm looking for an area, that's big enough to practice at normal road speed at least for short bursts, and also stopping etc with no traffic at night and weekends. Is there anywhere? e.g. big carpark, industrial area that is actually zero traffic? I live in Stanmore, so Marrickville, Petersham, Annandale, Lilyfield, Camperdown, Leichhardt would be ideal but could go a bit further. Any suggestions would be awesome!

    Bit of background, sharing bike with the hubby who was not as interested as me, but annoyingly has taken to it like a duck to water(!). (I think driving manual since he was 15 and riding a pushbike through the mean streets of Sydney for a few years helped a lot). I didnt drive the car as much in general and used to pushbike until we moved. long story short, its taken me a bit longer than I hoped to feel confident on the bike, and be able to take it on actual roads near me, they are all pretty busy, Parramatta road, Crystal St, New Canterbury, Norton st etc. My husband can ride it to location for me to practise.

    thank you all.!

  2. welcome aboard :) Bunning's carparks are always good
  3. Hi ripleyripley have you thought of this: Sydney Learner Sessions (Weekly, Sat 1pm)
    the area can be used at all times and there are no cars (no access to cars) there are no lights though.

    oh welcome to NR, please pop into new member introductions thread(y)
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  4. Can't tell you directly, but maybe use google maps and scroll around looking for some blacktop? Parking lots for sport centres and fields should be empty in the mornings.
  5. Yeah I did check them out, maybe the ashfield one would be ok, would have to go b4 7 am or after 8 pm tho. Places need to close earlier haha.
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  6. thanks, yeah, I spent quite a bit of time doing this already, but its hard to tell if its accessible, has businesses that are open for 14+ hours a day, has security, has residential apartments, is flat etc etc with the level of resolution. And some of them are surprisingly busy... I tried one sorta local and there were 2 events on in the buildings, so people milling around everywhere.
  7. Industrial areas of a Saturday afternoon and a Sunday.
  8. If those sessions are still going that would be awesome, will check it out. Did see that thread in one of my searches, but wasn't sure if it was still going as the thread started 2008 and that Homebush to parra road is a blackspot, dont even like driving round there in the car, the rage is high. :)

    re new members thread, OK, Will do!
  9. yep still going, just follow that thread. OzYodaOzYoda will inform if the session is not going to happen
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  10. Eastern Creek has some nice parking lots if it's opne. If not, what about practising in the very long entrance road area that leads to the drag strip / circuit entrances?
  11. Jubilee oval at glebe has a carpark which I used. Not big but quietish I took my own cones (plastic cups) and practiced slalom and emergency stops and swerves worth a try
  12. IKEA Tempe
  13. ripleyripley Mate the Homebush sessions are great for a new rider. If you are not keen to ride there by yourself just ask the question on the learner thread, I am certain that there will be someone who will ride with you.
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  14. Back of the IKEA Tempe carpark, past where they keep the Goget vans. Better on a weekday than weekend, but early or late weekends might work
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