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Decent, simple alarm w/o immobilizer, not too pricey?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by jekyll, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Hi

    So after some asshole decided to move my bike to make room for him to park i've decided to fit an alarm.

    Triumph dealer has $500 mongoose alarms. Too much for me. I just want something that makes noise when someone touches it - it's not a bloody laptop.

    My bike has an immobilizer and i DO NOT want one with the alarm - just something simple that works and wont cause me grief, ideally which can be wired up to a blinkenlight on the dash.

  2. theres one that activates a knock sensor when the ignition is off and thats all it does.

    No good if they break the barrel and turn it to 'on' but your OEM immobiliser will stop them starting it at least.

    Will see if i can dig up a link.
  3. Whats wrong with a regular disk lock and idiot cable?
  4. That's wired to a shotgun?
  5. no, a pit bull... by the nuts
  6. > Whats wrong with a regular disk lock and idiot cable?

    Scenario: 2 guys pick up my bike and throw in on the back of the ute while I'm inside my house 15m away.

    I'll leave the rest as an excercise for the astute reader.

    Thanks Harte - that's the kind of thing I'm after. Anyone have any first hand opinions of these?
  7. Yep.

    Have one fitted to the K. Piece of piss to install and works a treat, No fobs, no mucking around, just turn the key off and the thing arms itself in 30secs. (mine arms in 60 seconds, give me time to get stuff out of the panniers before it sets itself).

    You can specify arming duration when you purchase it ;)
  8. cool, sounds like exactly what i'm after.

  9. lock_chain.
    Attached to a large immovable object.

    Its not guaranteed but it says, fcuk off to most theives.
  10. yeah, I generally keep it covered w/ a chain through the rear wheel to a steel pole (or if i'm leaving it for very long, through the frame). This is for when i CBF and in addition to these measures.

    i.e., thanks, i get the point, but as with the previous posts about disc locks, I'm interested specifically in alarms.