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Decent limo companies to use?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VapourLock, Nov 12, 2006.

  2. Cant help ya there mate but i gotta say, your a real smooth customer. Gotta be worth a few brownie points :wink:
  3. don't forget to report back to us. would be interested to hear if the indulgence of a limo is a success;) if ya know what i mean...
  4. I, nor anyone else should be surprised that I read that as "blowie points"

  5. Hi vapourlock,

    Enjoy the concert. I'm going to the Sunday one as well. What tix did you get? Seats or GA?

    Hints - My thoughts only, but they're the thoughts of a woman so that's gotta count right? Mainly counts if you're after something more than a one-nighter. Anyway I wouldn't hire the limo to take her to the concert...has too much of the 'ick' factor for me *shrugs* I'd take the car and park somewhere away from the venue and walk there with her. Gives you both a chance to talk and you can impress her with your easy-goingness. :)

    Don't try too hard to impress...it'll most likely show....which can, depending on the girl, work either for you...or against you. In my case it'd be against. Of course, I do like a guy to go to at least some effort! Just not too much. Meh - I'm fickle but I'm not. :LOL:

    100+ points to you though. Good luck and I hope you get what you desire ;)
  6. Hqave I mentioned how much I love the fact that we are a ticketmaster agent :grin: ?
  7. Bike? :LOL: Come on...surely she's gotta love that?! :cool: IF that isn't an option then probably best to steer clear of the taxi and hire car and get the limo. :)

    Nothing wrong with GA tix. It's what I've got...and i bought them off ebay. :) I'm taking my oldest (16). We're going to get there about 9am. :LOL: Hoping to get up front. What's the bet everyone else is planning on doing the same? :LOL:
  8. Ahhh hire the limo, its worth it just for the looks alone when you arrive. Blowie opps mean brownie points or not, its all part of the night, so enjoy it.

    Oh yeah wouldnt muck about with booking a limo either, you wont be the only one thinking of it & how many companies will have there cars off the road for there service after one of the busiest weeks of the year.
  9. Nah thats what I meant to write. I also forgot to suggest booking a room at a cheap hotel.
  10. Limos are so last century! I always use helicopters for local transfers when on tour these days........

    Regards, Andrew.