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Decent Gloves

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by moogar, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Hi all, while I'd normally put a question like this in the gear forum, I don't want a bunch of sports riders telling me what to get for a cruiser.

    Basically I'm looking to get some new gloves after my A Stars SP-2's died. I want something medium gauntlet length, no flashy logos or loud colours. Preferring leather. Considering another pair of SP-2s, but wanted to see what people thought.

    Any suggestions?
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  2. i got some tarmac 3's from AMX quite happy with them, they don't look to sportish(all black), and the cooling works wonders.

  3. I can vouch for these gloves there good and a good price i was goin to get seconds but theres no mediums left :(
  4. Takamii I'll probably hit you up again fairly soon to get a pair in black/white to go alongside my previous black pair.
  5. Thanks for your feedback guys.

    Takamii, those gloves look like A* GP Plus. Are the little and ring fingers attached as per GP Plus?

    Do you have any pics of the full black ones?
  6. They might look like gp plus but the beauty is cost only $80 and are better quality.
  7. Quality, price and a netrider local.

    Another happy customer.

    and yes the pinkie finger is joined to the next.