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NSW decent coppa!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ninja1, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Just thought I would share a recent experience I had with a n.s.w highway patrol.
    I was riding my rsv aprilia up pennant hills rd on the way to the old pacific highway last week. I was a little over the speed limit and when leaving the lights the front wheel may have just come up a bit?? I was promptly stopped by a marked hwp car.
    I did get a firm talking to, but to my surprise the officer let me off with a warning and a request to slow down.
    Surprisingly I did actually take it easier and was happy to have escaped the fine and points.
    So there you go, there is a few good boys in blue out there!!

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  2. There about,BTW I love my new mirrors,less elbows and more rear severance.Howed you miss seeing him,typical style over function Italian mirrors?My last encounter with a similar outcome encouraged me to find the new mirrors.
  3. I once came to a queue of cars at traffic lights. There was a green arrow to turn left, but the car at the front was going straight. I started down the middle. The arrow started changing so I floored it so I wouldn't be stuck in the middle trying to go left. I was not sure if I made the light or not, it was very borderline.

    A minute later I hear the sirens of an undercover cop. I said I thought it was really close they told me there was never a green arrow. I believe they didn't see one. They looked up as I filtered past at speed to see me just as I went through and assumed it was red the whole time.

    Anyway I was expecting a whole list of fines for filtering and running a red. He came back and let me off with a warning. The only thing he said about the filtering was not to do it so fast, especially when you have a pillion on the back.

    Plenty of good cops around.
  4. Ok, I'll concede a few good...but 'plenty'???

    I'll believe it when the 'good copper' threads outweigh the 'bad copper' threads!!
  5. All (3) of the members of the SA Police force I have met socially have been great.
    When ever I have been pulled over it has always been strictly business. Granted its always been RBT's.
    I'm sure if I had been doing something silly they would be less friendly, but I'm still not going to give them the thumbs up from the get go. We both have to pass the attitude test.
  6. Well you got to remember there are also many who see you do something wrong and don't even make their presence known. But yes, there are lots of shit ones too.
  7. Hmm, what kind of mirrors?

    Yeah but think about this. I've been pulled over 3 times, not inlcuding RBTs. I never made a thread about it, although all were about as "good" as it could be considering the circumstances (if I hadn't been pulled over at all, obviously that is ideal, but this is reality), I didn't make any threads. People are more likely to make threads about the bad.
  8. I have an SS Bevel fairing on my 1975 Laverda 3C,I was using CB250rr mirrors from Metropolitan Spare mounted on the fairing,I now use GSXR mirrors.Mounted on rubber grommets,much better.
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  9. Really good point. People often only talk about the sensationalist stuff that gets the heart rate up, rather than the feel good stuff. I guess the same could be said for motorbike riders, generalisations are made on the whole group based on the actions of a few.
  10. I got pulled over at an RBT a few months ago. The cop indicated for me to take the helmet off, which I did. He then proceeded to lecture me about how he could book me for sitting on a bike with the engine on and no helmet on. I just stared at him with a look of incredulity on my face. He "gave me a warning", RBT'd me and let me go.

    About three weeks later I was pulled over in Glebe under the same circumstances but this time I chopped the engine. I then got lectured about turning the engine off and holding up the queue.

    The above pretty much sums up all of my interactions with the police in my lifetime.
  11. The bad ones make it really hard for the good cops,

    Yes, there are plenty of good cops left, I have met quite a few,

    But the bad ones are really over the top.
  12. So using the same methodology are we to conclude most bike shops are bad?
    As i reckon the "bad bike shop' threads would outweigh the 'good bike shop' theads.

  13. That's f'ucked up..

    The first few booze buses and rbts i went through.. i had a normal helmet.. which i had to take off for the test.. and they had no issue, then i got a flip faced.. which makes things easier.. don't have to take off the gloves etc..
  14. A bad bike shop can't pull you over just for the sport of it, arrest you, and shoot your dog and have no consequences
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  15. but it can fail to return you bike in a safe condition which can totally **** you up when you come off.
  16. Sure but you have the choice not to return to that shop and avoid it based on reviews. The government, on the other hand, is a lot harder to avoid.
  17. In Russia the Party come to you
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  18. I wish I could like that post twice.