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December Photo Competition- Entries

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' at netrider.net.au started by Caz V1, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. :)

  2. Alright, I'll go first!

    This is our camp site from Hobart, from our recent trip, spent three of the ten days there.

    The Ducks, by the ways are called Stewart. Both of them. Don't ask me why.
    They got very fond of the bikes by the time we left!


    The Photo is taken in three parts with the camera in panoramic mode, then it stitches them all together, very fun trick, got heaps of these.
  3. Hi,
    Is there a theme/topic for the December photo comp ???
  4. maybe a bit similar to my last one... view full size to see the sign!

  5. Decent sustenance and a shiny head makes a good rider.

  6. Holy Crap! Which one is Vic again? (Don't say the bald one with sunglasses!) :shock:

    Rob: Very cool photo, How did you get that effect?
  7. You can also do this...
  8. Mate I was wondering which one I was...LMAO

    Like looking in a mirror
  9. I think I like the first one better 2up! :grin:

    Is that colour replace in photoshop?
  10. i use photoshop CS2. open the picture, then duplicate the background layer. then, with the duplicate selected, go to the 'select' dropdown and then click on 'colour range'. a box should open previewing your image. use the colour picker to select what colour you want isolated, then the slider bar ("fuzziness") to get less or more selected. note that it doesnt have to be perfect at this stage.

    click ok, then in the layers box click on the 'add layer mask' icon (a grey box with a white circle inside). then go back to your original background layer, click on the new adjustment layer icon in the layers box (black/white circle) and select hue/saturation. slide the saturation bar to the far left. everything should be black and white, bar what was selected using the colour range mask.

    if parts that you want coloured are black and white, use the eraser tool while in the hue/saturation layer. if parts are coloured that you want to be b&w, select the duplicate background layer and use the eraser tool.

    i hope this helps. there are other ways of performing this, but i found this the easiest and quickest. this photo also had its levels adjusted to give it a bit more 'pop' (blacks made blacker, more contrast). there are some great video tutes online on how to do this and heaps of other ps tricks. just type into google what you want to do, and odds are someone has done it!
  11. Just the Hue function...
  12. This was taken at the first break, Thursday MR, 11.12.08, Diamond Creek (I think)

  13. i like ^^
  14. cranked.

    This is my entryyy
  15. I took this pic 3 weeks ago at Mt Buffalo. Across the other side at Hotham there was snow and heavy rain with thick cloud and 2mtr visability.

  16. Me too ... sort of: not liking the damn crane "poking" out of the windshield! :cry: :roll:

    Otherwise a great pic of a reeeelly cool bike! :cool: