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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by JETLEE, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. I am respraying my ZXR250 soon and am looking to put different decals on it. I will prob just get some made up at the local sticker shop on the cheap.
    What is the best way to laquer or glaze the stickers so they are protected

  2. IMHO, assuming you are putting clear coats on the paint, the same clear can generally be applied over the decals.
    But it all ways pays to check that the decals are compatible with the paint first.
    Check with supplier when purchasing them and or test on an off cut first.
    Most Decals are compatible, but better safe than a F*#ked up job.
    Has always worked for me in many, many years of model building.
  3. What he said......one thing to remember, be careful if the decals are digitally printed, as the clear coat can stuff up the image depending on the process.
    All 3M cast vinyl and Avery (go with a series 900) cast vinyl are able to take clear coats over the top. Don't use any calendar vinyl as the adhesives are different, the vinyl is thicker and it looks crap with a clear coat over the top...and trust me most smaller sign mobs will try and sell you the cheap sh!t.
  4. Well honestly i don't know what type of paint i will be using & what type of clear coat. My mate will be painting it for me.
    And i was thinking about just getting stickers for decals and treating them
    but should i use the vinyl you guys have suggested
    I have no idea on this stuff so please forgive my ignorance
  5. What kind of stickers?? Like off the shelf stuff?? Decal kits for bikes are vinyl decals.

    If its just some sticker like a bumper sticker then don't expect the colours to last to long. Also proof is in the testing, grab one and get your mate to spray over the top with the clear he finishes the bike with.
  6. Have bought the decal - now just need the new bike! :shock: Can't wait - but where shall I put it - on the exhaust, paintwork? Guy in the shop thought it was kinda strange at VTR owner buying one - but asserted him it was for the upgrade :p
  7. Only if you like the smell of melting decal :p :p :p
  8. thought about that, thanks :oops:

    She's the name of the new bike (when I get it) so you can have BB back :p :D
  9. My Black Betty has always been called Black Betty 8) .....whats the new bikes name?
  10. Under wraps until the bike is bought - next years birthday present :D :roll:
  11. Cool but you can tell me...I wont tell anyone I promise....btw I just added you to messenger if your wonder who that was.

  12. Well prob just normal stickers, thats why i was asking about a protective
    coat, but i am guessing proper decals now?
    cant protected stickers cut it?