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Decals on a CBR250RR

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by 98lenso, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. Hi guys

    New to the forum here, I've only recently got my L's and my CBR250RR tyga kitted.

    Just need help with it, say the bike currently has patterns like the CBR1000RR but I wanted to replace the stripes with another colour. The stripes are painted on but I was hoping to get a sticker with a different colour and stick over it, would this be possible and where can I go to arrange this? in Sydney

    Thanks in advance everyone
  2. You could just get solid colour bumper-stickers made up, cut them to the shape you want and fit yourself:
    bumper stickers

    To do it properly though, you'd want to mark off and protect the colour you want to keep on the fairing, and then spray-paint the bit you want changed, the new colour.
  3. sounds like a nice bike
    hey post pics so i can drool and the others can help more
  4. take your bike to a sticker/sign shop and they will be able to help you out.
  5. gday gday. hows that tiger mod working for ya? i just went and bought a 1990 model cbr250rr and it screams like a baby. that tiger mod looks pretty groovy and i was thinking of getting one myself. how much was the shipping for it and how easy was the grind on the pillion passenger seat at the back?

    i can help you though as ive seen all of the decals on ebay for the cbr250rr. gives you all the decals you need in silver colour (standard) as well as the option to order them in any other colour you want. just search for cbr250rr decals or cbr decals or something and you will hit a hot search with all you need. from memory theyre about $50 - $100 for the set.

    yeah and by the way, is the tiger mod worth the extra dosh?
    it would be great if you could keep me posted. cheers
  6. Hi buddy

    I've only had the bike for 3 days and I've had 4 peeps ask me on and off the road where I got the kit from but unfortunately I can't help you there as I bought the bike like that. From memory the last owner said he spent $1400 to order it from Thailand and then there was the cost for the paint + labour.

    I did pay around $1500 over standard 250RR's but IMO they are very well worth it!
  7. snazzy!!
    i know where to buy the tyga mod though
    you can get it for 1200ish from www.tygaperformance.com
    i just was wondering about the shipping because i couldnt find it on the site
    lucky for you though, the side fairings are the exact same as the stock ones, so if / when you drop your bike you dont have to you into speciality to replace them.

    enjoy your bike though and good luck with the decals!