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Decals for VTR250 - Must be white

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by drdrei, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Hey all. My first thread on this forum. I've been a silent browser up till now, but found the forums pretty useful. Open discussion about my problem is welcome as there doesn't seem to be much on the forums about this. Happy to contribute my part to making this an informative place.

    I have a VTR250, MY2004 which is black. I have a mate who is going to help me out with a respray (he's a detailer by trade) and am looking to change the bike to a custom white / metallic, but not a full pearl. We're going to try and replicate the white that is on the current model Lexus IS250.

    What I need to know is where I can get suitable decals for the tank and seat. I've already been to Peter Stevens and the staff were pretty helpful in explaining that the decals are single piece and they can't guarantee that the Honda "Wing Logo" will have a surround which is white. When ordering the decals the part numbers are different depending on the base colour of the bike, so this suggests the surrounds are coloured to that of the bike ... hopefully you're all on the same page with my short explanation.

    So, given there is no white VTR250 ever produced my other option is to find a Honda which is white and use that decals off of that. I've done lots of Google searching and can't seem to find a bike which is white .. or even if I do find one, the decal seems to sit on a part of the bike which isn't white.

    So, the fix is either to go aftermarket, in which case I get unknown quality, or find a Honda bike with decals on the white part of the bike.

    So who out there has a Honda bike which is white and has the "Wing" logo decals on the white part? Even better if you know the part number!!
  2. Try the White VFR with the silver wing on the tank??
  3. moto gp graphics
    find and ring em there in sydney. and they now there shit
  4. hi...sound like your in melb....we had the same problem...here is what you can do..the decal for the tahitian blur VTR250 is clear so the colour of the tank shows through....the wing is black with a fine gold outline
  5. Okay, did the research and now you can all benefit.

    The decals I bought are for the silver VTR250 V2 Sport. Lettering is a dark silver metallic with light silver outline and the decal then has a clear surround. This suits me perfect as I'm going to go a vry light silver in colour. I'll get pics up later tonight so you can all see what I'm talking about.

    To make this forum even more useful, here are the Honda part codes:
    Left tank decal 17526-KFK-770ZA
    Right tank decal 17521-KFK-770ZA
    Rear seat decal 87123-KFK-770ZA (this says "VTR" then below it in very small font says "V2 Sport")

    Note that mine is an '04 VTR with the Honda "Wing" decals just like all current Honda bikes, so if you have an earlier one (with the "VTR" tank logos) and want to retain the original looks these part codes are not useful.
  6. Ok. So I have to post five times before I can put up pics. Hence this post to pad that out.
  7. This is frustrating. I'm trying to be useful and post some info up but I can't coz I need to have 5 posts. :p
  8. I give up. if you wanna see the images then PM me.
  9. you've got 5 posts, jsut put the pics up now fool :p
    love to see it though :grin:
  10. Call me a fool will ya. Well I'll just show you by posting up the pic of the decals.
    Hope you weren't thinking they'd be on the bike already. Only just picked them up today. Suffice to say, the bike pics will go up when it's complete. :)
  11. Well the bike is now paited in Lexus 074 white. Took a great deal of mixing to get the right metallic mis, but the result is stunning. Photos will be up in the next day or so as they're on my mates camera.
  12. Post some finished pics soon :LOL: