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Decals and Stickers - Other then Dirt bikes

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by cakeman, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Hi i have a Honda RVF400 and some of the stickers are damaged and looking a bit shady.

    Im having a tough time finding decals/stickers from any bike or accessories store or even on line. Im n ot after Dirt Bike stickers.

    Any advice would be great (im in sydney)


  2. Official RVF ones? Or just cool decals? MCAS in the city, parra and livo would be worth a visit/call as a starter.
  3. went to MCAS at auburn, been to the bije shops in parra. got nothing.

    Doesnt have to be offical rvf ones i know they are hard to find.. just cool honda ones
  4. Hi just got back from this place. I bought a couple of stickers. 2 Honda stickers with wings about 4" x 3" and they were $44 in total. Does this seem a little rich to you?
  5. Make your own out of contact and clearcoat?
  6. Not if they're quality - and from what I've heard that place produces stickers to a similar standard as the factory originals.

    The risk with cheap stickers is they may fade with exposure to UV (which'd be really annoying if you'd clearcoated over the top of them).
  7. sorry, im pretty new to this.. what is clear coating?

    I peeled of an old honda sticker and there was a darker colour underneath where the sticker had been. (on the tank normally light orange, under sticker - dark orange). So i couldnt put the new one on cause you would be able to notice the difference