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Decal wrong colour

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Lowside, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. So I ordered some Hornet decals from Poland but I managed to screw up and get a metallic silvery colour instead of black.
    Does anyone have any advice on repainting them? They are 3D gel; a friend suggested enamel paint but he wasn't sure as it's not his area at all.

  2. Sadly, I would be very surprised if you manage to get anything to last.

    Is it not an option to re-order another set of decals in the colour you want?

    Something that might (and I stress - this is a long-shot) work is plasti-dip. It will not be a long lasting surface though.

    I used plasti-dip to finish the lid of my top-box, as Yamaha do not make a top box lid in white. It is a decent finish, as I was after a matt-black coating that matched the rest of the black plastic on the bike. It needs to be stripped and reapplied every now and again though to keep it looking schmick.
  3. Well it was 45 USD including P&H so I'd rather not if I can paint them myself.
    I could search around for some in Australia but I couldn't find any good ones the first time.

    I'll keep searching around and give the best idea a shot, then if that doesn't work I'll have no choice but to reorder.
  4. I happen to have two custom-made (in Australia) Hornet decals which are left over from my previous bike, if you are interested...
  5. Hey Hornet, what kind of decals do you mean?
    E.g. what I ordered includes 2x Honda emblems, 2x smaller Honda stickers and then 2x Hornet stickers, when you say you have two decals do you mean two of the emblems? Or two different types?
  6. It wouldn't surprise me if the enamel will react on the decals, have you tried a sign place that can make decals from a sample?
  7. I'll check when I get home but I think I have at least two tank decals.....
  8. Sorry to have got your hopes up, but they were made for my 600 Hornet and they are replicas of the US tank and side decals where the model was called the 599....

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  9. Ahh, okay no worries, cheer for the consideration :)

    Option one: put on stickers and suck it up/continually repaint them
    Option two: re-order black ones for another 55 Australian...think I'll try and find a local printing place and see what they can do hahaha

    Thanks for the help guys
  10. Mine were made for me by a bloke who used to be on Netrider, but I'd think almost any decent-sized printing place should be able to make what you want for a reasonable price..