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Decal removal... advice please :)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Lectre, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Hey all.
    I've decided that the left and right decals on the very front of my fairings just suck... so I want to remove them. I started to peel one back to see if it would stay in one piece or get torn and stuff; all is looking good.
    however I noticed that the area underneath where the decal has been sitting is the same colour (gun metal grey-ish) but dull, unlike the rest of my shiny fairings.
    My question is this:- will something as simple as eucalyptus oil or similar solvent take the dullness away? Or is it something that I would try to manualy abrase away?
    I'm not willing to remove the decals permanently until I have devised a way to get it to sparkle ;)

    Thanks guys, no doubt your responses will be as useful as ever :)
  2. Depends. If it's dull simply because of glue residue left on the plastic then a solvent like eucalyptus oil might work fine. If however it's dull because a clearcoat or polish was applied to the fairings after the decals were put on then it's going to take some work to get it even.
  3. I had great sucess with citrus cleaner. 'orange power' or something like that. I then gave an overall polish and wax and it was perfect.
  4. im sure someone here noes more than me about this but i got too much time on my hands at work.

    First u have to work out whether the decals are on top of the paintwork or is the clear coat covering the decal.

    Look at the edge of the decal is there a clear 90 degree hump or drop (on top)


    Is it a gradual little smoothe hill type thing and u can see a layer of clear paint covering the fairings and the decal

    Now if the decal is on top of the paint u should be able to peel it away clean up the glue (time consuming more like rub of the glue) and it should look pretty much the same, if the bike is a bit aged u may have to get a bit of rubbing compound and rub the area. U may have a problem if u have acrylic paint and the paint underneath is not sun damaged/faded resulting in a bright patch where the decal was. But since u already pulled of a piece u should be able to tell.

    If the paint is on top of the decal dont bother removing it. Unless u have an acrylic paint job and u are prepared to give the area a coat of clear or there is a layer of clear coat under the decal.

    It would help a bit if u posted the bike details and year
  5. oh yeah.. forgot that peoples bike details aren't listed in the left hand side anymore!!
    CBR600 - f3 (98 model)... I'm removing the front decals (on which the paint is gunmetal grey, the decal itself is UBER bright orange - hence my annoyment).
    it looks as though there is no paint over the decal, so I think I'm going to give it a shot!!
    Thanks heaps for comments guys
  6. good stuff no paint on top u should be fine
  7. If the decal is brittle and pulling off as little bits, warm it with a hair dryer and peel it back on itself (as opposed to pulling the decal at 90 degrees to the panel).

    Try one panel first because if you ruin it, last I checked CBR6 panels were not too expensive.