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DECA Training

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by adnan12, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. Hs anyone been to DECA Training in Altona North in melbounre? Ehat do you think of it?

    Sorry about the spelling, can't type today

  2. what are you after bikes or trucks
  3. bikes....I didn't know they did trucks as well
  4. i did the car one, the course seemed a little old-school/outdated, but it was worth it to go out on the skid pan and go nuts, i pissed the driving instructor off gooood :p
  5. I just did my L's at DECA in carrum downs - rang on a thursday and got in on Sunday! Ridetek were booked out as were MTA.

    Everyone on the course passed and the instructors were very friendly and competent, they had a good laugh with us but were serious about the road safety aspects too.
  6. hopefully it's like that at altona as well. I will be booking very soon. So has anyone actually done thier L's at Altona?
  7. I'm getting mine on friday

    any one else?
  8. Maybe that's telling you something if they are booked out!
    Also I have just heard that Ridetek will be doing track days at Broadford race circuit in the New Year.
  9. I'm going to the altona north one, on friday

    Wish me luck!
  10. if any one is doing tomorrow lettus know!
  11. What do Ridetek and MTA do that DECA doesn't? The test is supposed to be standard across Victoria which leaves me wondering what the difference is?
    Are they cheaper?
  12. Hi All (been away a while for work!)


    I'd suggest quality of the place.
    I've never seen the others but going on their websites, their riding areas are bigger.

    DECA is around corner from me, only small riding area, like 20 x 40metres (guess)
    I watched 6 people ride around in 1st gear there today.

  13. i got my license at HART (honda australia rider training). they are pretty helpful as they give out heaps of information if you ask them...like tips on bikes and other stuff too. the track is huge as well, one of the biggest around (as they told me).
  14. Would suggest there are better. Dont know about the training but the admin / attitudes need work. They cancelled a course on a freind with NO warning NO notice at all. Learners turned up to find out it was off.
    I then had to go legal on the Admin staff to get her $$ back!

    There is a guy at Hastings who is brilliant! Ex Copper, older guy and knows bikes. Hes in the book. Recommended. I'm going back to do my advanced.
  15. I did my rider intro course at DECA Carrum with my bro inlaw... two things that mean i'd never go back there again... actually one bad, one not so bad. The first one was we both turned up for the course the first time (at 1PM and i've left work early) only to be told that it was cancelled.... surely a phone call isn't that hard to let people for an afternoon class know? Second thing was the instructor when we did finally do it was good but too relaxed we thought... not enough structure or explanation of the bike etc.

    We did our L course at MTA and thought they were fantastic. Instructors were fantastic, an ex cop riding instructor and a lady that has been riding for 30 year or something. Still relaxed but very thorough on explanations and making sure you did things properly. MTA is also cheaper to start with plus a further 10% discount if you're a NetRider member.

    The size of the field at both places was about the same... but given you only use a tiny bit of it thats pretty irrelevant.

  16. Hey DRMAT didnt do the course on the weekend of the 20th April this year did you?
    Thats the weekend I'm complaining about. They had my mobile number, my friends mobile number and her home number. No call. I actively discourage people from DECA.
  17. Ummm not sure... hang on just checked. We were 13th of May.... so that makes it even worse that they've done it at least twice now! Didn't even offer a discount on further courses or anything for the inconvenience!