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DECA license courses

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Meph, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I got my L's around December 06, bought my bike feb 07, and now its time to get my license.

    I was looking at the deca site (as the altona north site is just up the road) and they have 2 courses. There is the license only, and the license and training course. From what i can tell from the description, the "training" covers the same things as the L's course, and the one which is "test only" apparently has absolutely no training.

    I have put around 3800 k's on my bike, mainly commuting to and from work (20km per day), plus i went on the icicle ride and the pink ribbon, but nothing major.

    Has anyone here done the licence only course, or should i play it safe(r) and do the training also? The difference is that test only is 1.5hr and $150, doing the training also course is 8hr and $250.

    If i do license only do you think they will let me practice a few times or will they just give me a bike and say "you got one shot, go!"
  2. I'd recommend the 8hour training. I'm sure you will learn something new, and make you a safer rider. And then you should be confident to do the test.
    Good luck,
  3. Ummm.... drop in or phone & ask them?
  4. Its more than cost.
    If you do the full day they will coach you and test you when they think you're ready.
    I know an examiner who does not cut any slack if someone thinks they can just rock up and do the test.
    If you c0ck up you fail first go. No practice. No this is what you do. Its explained, you're tested you either pass or fail end of story.

    Regardless of how good you THINK you are do the full day.
  5. One of the key elements of teh test is teh light box, where it gives you either a left/right or stop. if you do the day course then you will get a few practice runs. Your biggest killer is your nervs for this part of the test, so getting to face it a few times before show time is worth the price of admission alone. Personaly I did the DECA course at altona and fealt it was usfull even though i had almost a years experiance in teh sadle in total before doing it (18 months about 10 years before, and 3 months since I went for my Ls this round)
  6. Do the full day course.
    You learn so much more, and it can also be a fun day out.
    When l went for my P's l had clocked up some 5,000 km, so l thought l knew it all. Nup, was l wrong. l found out so much more than if l had just turned up for the test.
    The other reason l did the full day course was to get my nerves settled. l hate doing tests and have always suffered from the butterflies in the tummy.
  7. I did the full day at DECA and am glad I did. I had booked in a long time in advance, the day arrives and what do you know, pissing down. Rain and a bike I didn't know, all that practice time and help was great. And when our instructor decided we were ready to test early, he taught us a lot of usefull stuff that wasn't on the test. :)
    And if your worried about how long 8 hours is, fcuk those 8 hrs flew by sooo quick. Do the full day, you wont regret it. :cool:
  8. Alright sounds like a plan, ill do the full day.

    Thanks all!