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DECA Hobart provisional training ride route

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Murk, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. We are preparing to do the MOST test with DECA Hobart and understand that as a part of the course they do a group ride in the morning before the test. I was wondering if anyone knows what route they use so we can be familiar with it?

  2. Hi. I did my test with decca in Moonah. We left the Centre, up straight through the rouhdabout, up to the street that leads to the Brooker. Tricky intersection there. Down Brooker to Bowen Bridge. Stopped at Elwick Racecourse to change lead rider. Over Bowen and continue to Geilston Bay. Stop there to change lead. Through Rosny, back over Bridge to Cornelian Bay. Another stop there. Then through Risdon lighrs, Albert Road, back to Centre. :)
  3. Ps, just noticed the date on your post. Hope you passed :)
  4. Yeah the group ride thing doesn't affect you passing the MOST test, it's all about that small little course at the very end of the day. Anything before that doesn't really matter so much. Piss easy to pass on those KLX's they have. hope you passed bud :)