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[Dec 8, 2013] Ride to Somewhere (St Ives)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Womble, Nov 18, 2013.

Ride to Somewhere - December 8th.
Start Date: Dec 8, 2013 09:00
End Date: Dec 8, 2013 17:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

Pattinsons Cafe
Mona Vale Road
St Ives NSW 2075

Posted By: 109er

Confirmed Attendees: 7
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  1. #1 Womble, Nov 18, 2013
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2013
    Hello Sydney based riders, Myself, Gatti, Fin, Lionz, and a few others are off for a day ride on the weekend of December 08th.

    All level of riders are welcome, from L's to P's to full on Banzai nutjobs - we naturally split into fast, intermediate and beginer groups with a regular nominated meet up/smoko point to ensure that no one gets left behind.

    No racing, just riding at your own pace with the faster riders running back and forth between the groups to ensure everyone's safe.

    The route is St. Ives to Lithgow, then an option to split into those returning and those riding onto Bathurst.

  2. #2 iClint, Nov 18, 2013
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2013
    Lithgow to goulbourn via janolan it's about 4 hours from Richmond.

    Then it's 1.5 hours back to Sydney for anyone who wants to bail or about another 4 hours via Mosvale, Robertson Mac pass, and RNP.

    Just a suggestion...

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  3. I'm definitely in :)

    I'll leave it up to the guys that know the fun roads to decide where too
  4. I'm in & I don't mind where.
    Happy to be led astray!
  5. Yeah I'm keen. Will be definitely looking for a day pass. Might need a day and night pass actually. Goulburn via lithgow plus mac pass and the nasho would be around 750km for me I guess. 10.5 hours just riding. Might be do able with short stops only.
  6. To Lithgow via Galston Gorge , Richmond, Bells Line Of Road to Lithgow

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  7. I'm interested, will watch the thread to see which way the ride is going as for a southern ride i may meet up closer to here.

    The oberon to goulburn area is a great ride, and mac pass speaks for itself, or kangaroo valley, or, the list is endless, i'll go where ever
  8. would love to join but not on a Sunday. looks fun and good route.
  9. i might be in town if the zxr is back together by then, so depends on the route as always - so i'll just keep an eye on the thread
  10. I'd very much like to be in on this!
  11. If I was medically able to ride I would be there, actually really dissapointed I'm not able to come, enjoy guys1
  12. Has a decision been made on the destination & route for this ride? A bit further than Lithgow I hope.
  13. No decision yet but as this is a learner friendly ride we won't go much beyond Lithgow.

    It's fine for us who are bike fit but unfair on the less experienced.

  14. Lithgow isn't a day unless you meet at 10am wait till 11am to depart, ride slow as all fcuk up the mountain have lunch for 2 hours and then ride slow as all fcuk back.

  15. If we leave St Ives at 9am (cough, cough), I'm thinking that those we wish to go for a longer spin beyond Lithgow can do so.
    Just so long as there is enough company for less experienced riders to get back to familiar territory.
  16. bathursttttttt.... @rennsport can give you a lovely route through some back roads to bathurst....saves you having to dick around on the highway for the most part from lithgow
  17. I agree with the newb & Justus' son.
    Bathurst run is a great ride.
  18. From Lithgow a good ride is through Tarana,O'Connel ,Oberon ,Jenolan Caves , Hartley and backvia Great Western Highway or Darling Causeway, Bell, Richmond.This should make it a reasonably long day with some great riding country.
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  19. If we left St Ives at 9am we will be at the foot of the hills by 10am and following all the sunday drivers, caravans, Japanese tourists, and old locals all the way to mount Tomah and beyond...:cry:

    I was thinking meeting at 7am departing by 7:30... I think I might be alone in this thought.