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[Dec 30, 2015] Old Pac and Somersby tunnel ride (Berowra, nsw)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Oldmaid, Dec 22, 2015.

Old Pac and Somersby tunnel ride
Start Date: Dec 30, 2015 09:00
End Date: Dec 30, 2015 14:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

Berowra seven eleven
Pacific Highway
Berowra, nsw

Posted By: Oldmaid

Confirmed Attendees: 15
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  1. Fellow Netriders
    It is with great pleasure that I extend an invitation for the 30/12 to any riders keen to help me welcome DrSleepy being back on his 2 wheels by having a leisurely ride via the Old Pacific Hwy and a blat up to the Somersby tunnel.
    As double demerits, we will be taking it very leisurely but enjoyably nonetheless! Learners and P platers more than welcome. This will be a posted speed ride although those who wish to test out the 'lose your license all in one go method' are most free to do so :)
    For those interested the meeting point will be 0930 @ the Berowra 7/11 for a 0945 start. Please make sure you have a full tank.

    We will meet and greet Dr Sleepy and any other riders at the salubrious Pie in the Sky around 1000 for a cuppa, a fag, a wee and a chat in no particular order. Probably leave PITS around 1100 ish.

    After the Somersby tunnel stop we can decide if any of us want to do the Spencer, Berowra Waters ferry and back to Hornsby run.

    Weather dependent.
    Watch this space for updates.

  2. I reckon I can join you and still get to work in the city around midday.
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  3. Would love to but, alas, I am way down here in the 'sticks'.....sounds like a beaut day.Have fun :)
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  4. Will try and orgainise a group ride down in the beautiful Moss Vale area if I come back in Feb. :)
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  5. Sounds like a great idea and I would love to meet up with you OldmaidOldmaid and DrSleepyDrSleepy but alas to far for me so enjoy and have a drink for me :)
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  6. I'll be there! Always good to meet & greet. I expect to probably be at the 7/11 as I'll need to top off the tank, but I'll let OldmaidOldmaid know if the plan changes.
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  7. I'm in so far. Been moving into the new family castle last few days (try loading furniture in 42 degree weather!) and really itching to go for a blat.

    Strange thing - first area unpacked / prepped was the parking spot for Mvee
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  8. you had me at a fag and a cuppa. Book me in.
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  9. Yep I'm down too. As long as I'm not booked in for anything else (not that I know of).
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  10. I would of been keen for my first group ride but we're going away that day. Will keep an eye out in future rhough
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  11. You really do know how to rub salt into wounds Oldmaid.

    Watch out for the hearse for midgets....... and the black unmarked cop car.
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  12. I'll give you the royal wave as we drift past in formation :whistle:
    Definitely not a throttle the throttle type of ride.
    That's why I encourage confident L platers, and those on their Ps to come join us.
    No land speed records in the making on this one posted speeds the suggested order of the day
    Hoping for a great group picture at the Somersby Tunnel has been on my bucket list forever!
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  13. Keen. will be nice to put faces to names :)
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  14. I'm in and looking forward to it.
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  15. I'm worried this ride will make me want a Z1000, or an MV... :whistle:
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  16. It probably will and there is nothing wrong with that.
  17. Nope, I could think of FAR worse things...
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  18. What is this Tunnel of which you speak