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[Dec 27, 2012] High Country Ride - again (Alpine Region)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Captn Spock, Nov 8, 2012.

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High Country Ride - again
Alpine Region
Confirmed Attendees: 0
Posted By: Captn Spock
Start Date: Dec 27, 2012 09:00
End Date: Dec 27, 2012 12:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT
  1. #1 Captn Spock, Nov 8, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2012
    So a couple of us didn't get enough of the Snowy Ride this year because we started late and didnt get to do some of the other roads. This ride will again focus on High Country and the Alpine region.

    More details to follow however here are the critical details.

    Ride duration - 3 days riding, 2 night overnight stay at Bright
    Ride Capacity - Strictly 6 riders including me. No more.
    Dates - Dec 27,28,29
    What roads can I expect to ride? - Subject to change but the following are very likely.

    Black Spur, Jamieson Eildon, Mansfield-whitfield, Mt Omeo, Back of falls creek, Great Alpine road.

    Confirmed riders (paid for)
    1. Captn Spock
    2. StueyRowls
    3. Dionikon
    4. brusa
    5. DisgruntledDog
    6. Available Spot - LAST ONE LEFT!!

    Tentative riders -
    1. Mad Marty
    2. Pilgrim

    So other than myself and Stu, there are 4 other spots available.

    Please reply to this thread or PM me to register your interest. I will seek deposits to confirm spots when further details are finalized.

  2. What's the skill level? ;)
  3. #3 Captn Spock, Nov 8, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2012
    All skill levels are welcome nina. Learners included.

    Edit - I think the ride is suitable for anyone who has done at least 1 group ride involving twisties such as reefton. Another important skill is knowing your limits and riding within them. The leading group may disappear from time to time and then re appear again but as a newbie one should always continue to ride at their pace and not feel pressured to keep up. As long as you can follow instructions and ride within your limits, you're good to go!

    The ride will be structured such that the group can cater for newbie pace, stop to take photos and still make it to the destination well before dark. Just look at some of the photos from the other ride we ran. :)
  4. I'm a confirmed starter :D Leave has been approved.

    Easily some of the best roads in Victoria. Bring on the Alpine Loop!
  5. Put me down as 99% Spock.

    Just gotta run it past the boss, probably should book some leave as well ;)
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  6. The back road can be ... confronting for a newer rider; but that's not a bad thing, and it's very technical so there's lots and lots and LOTS of opportunities to practice your cornering technique. Heartily recommend Falls Creek - Anglers Rest in the morning, and come back the GAR for a lazy afternoon ride of sweepers :)
  7. I'm in! Lock it in Captain!

  8. PM sent :)
  9. I'd luv to go again but couldnt get those days on annual leave :( @nina I can tell you [I WAS the slowest rider on the ride weekend past, as the rules say 'ride your own ride' which I did, a few times I was much slower, but I didnt give a shit, I rode to the best of my ability, and you know what, the next T Intersection, there they were, waiting for me :) you will not be forgotten nor be left behind :) you're fitter then me, just focus on you riding safely and thats what counts!!
  10. Oh I can't go anyway, I'll be somewhere between Perth and Broome those dates. I just love lurking around in the trips forums and wish I were there :)
    So no need to plan for anyone as slow as me :p
    I might be fitter than you, but definitely not riding-fit!
  11. goddie chuck a couple of sickies mate.
  12. I AM tempted lol. am trying to move to another section, so fingers crossed, gotta keep the boss happy at home!! Speaking of which, have convinced sundays are better for me to ride. This sunday is first day out :) cant push my luck too much
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  13. well done at the home front mate. :)
  14. Good news. Accomodation has been reserved. :) whoppeee!
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  15. come on folks. smack bang in the middle of summer and holidays. if you haven't done the snowies and the alpine road now is the time to jump on board!
  16. I'm keen, just have to run it past the cook. What's the accom set up Captn, the trade off might be I can go but only if she can come on the back......
  17. Hi Brusa,

    Right now, we have 1 room (with 1 queen, 1 single and the option to get one more single mattress in it) Max occupancy of 3.

    I have the option of booking another room for you and your missus. Cost will be $100 per night and you will need to pay and secure the room pretty quickly as the availability is pretty scarce.

  18. Dionikon is a confirmed starter. Only 3 more spots left.
  19. Excellent, now I just need to wear out the tyres on the BM so that I can have fresh rubber for this trip.


  20. just go do a trackday. they'll disappear quick. still got contis on? what are you getting next?
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