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[Dec 22, 2013] Gippsland ride for any interested parties. (Caldermeade)

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by The Toad, Jun 13, 2013.

Gippsland ride for any interested parties.
Start Date: Dec 22, 2013 09:00
End Date: Dec 22, 2013 15:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

BP Caldermeade
cnr south gippsland Caldermeade Rd
Caldermeade 3984

Posted By: The Toad

Confirmed Attendees: 1
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  1. Hi all,

    This is a ride I have been playing with of late and was going to list it in the Sundays learners thread.

    However with the likely wet weather over the weekend and my concern that some of the roads I have in mind are technical and potentially slippery in the wet with the off chance of black ice in parts I thought it best to create this thread.

    As such I will post this as a level 3+ ride
    ( IWon’t discourage any rider from attending and will cater accordingly, however you do so at your own risk.

    Meet point @ Bp Caldermeade 9:00am for a 9:30 departure

    Ride will be between 3-400 klm 6 + hours (depending on the group and time constraints)

    Finish point will be Lang Lang (so please take your ride home into consideration)

    Cheers Daniel
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  2. Hey Daniel,

    Have you got a map of the ride you're planning? I won't be able to come along on Sunday (wife working = babysitting duties), but have the Monday and Tuesday off and was planning on going for a bit of a ride, with no destination in mind yet.


  3. Hey Garido,

    I haven’t set anything in stone yet, however I do have a few options up my sleeve which will depend on who turns up and what the weathers doing.

    That said, I’m pm you tomorrow with a map that is one of the options I have in mind.

    Also a reminder to anyone that is coming for the ride.
    Please note it will be a cold day so make sure you have enough warm layers

    Cheers Daniel
  4. Well it looks like the rain is going to hold off for the most part.

    Should be a good run, lol if anyone turns up I'll see you then :)
  5. Well for those of you that didn’t come out for a ride today (which in this case since I went solo means everyone J )

    You missed a great ride, weather held out nicely blue skies and sunshine for the most part all be it a little chilly. Roads were damp but not soaked which meant the pace was good ;) very little traffic and just a very enjoyable ride.

    I’d like to thank me for leading, me for tecing o and me for corner marking :p

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  6. Well done Daniel ;-)
  7. Aww Thanks Pete :p

    I'll try this again.

    I plan on doing a re-run of this ride this coming Sunday the 23/06 for anyone that is interested. (weather permitting, which looks promising)

    This should give enough time for those who need it to find the appropriate baby sitters required or to come up with a better excuse as to why they can't make it. ;)

    Cheers Daniel
  8. Just a small update for those interested, at this stage the weather for Sunday is looking good (for this time of year)

  9. Daniel if the weather holds out I'm keen only been riding since October last year and don't want to hold you up,bit worried about black ice:cry:
  10. Hey Benny, it's all good mate I've only been riding a little longer than you, so don't worry you won't hold me up but I'll happily wait for you ;)

    I did the loop last week and looking at the weather for the weekend I don't think we will have any trouble with ice.

    Cheers Daniel
  11. What time Daniel got to work out witch way to get there and what time to get up.Also is there a BP There doesn't show one on Google maps
  12. Hey Benny,

    Yes, there is a big BP/McDonalds there which is fairly new hence not showing on street view etc

    9:00am for a 9:30 depart, however if you confirm your coming in the morning I will wait for you if needed.

    Which way depends on where in the Gully your coming from either wellington rd out through to Berwick, Pakenham Koo Wee Rup etc

    via the monash to pakky, Koo Wee Rup etc

    Or Monash to sth gippy through Cranbourne

    Ant of the 3 should take you around 40 min or so.

    Weathers looking good, all be it a tad chilly please dress to suit the cold weather

    Cheers Daniel
  13. See you in the morning,will be leaving the Gully at 8am,will take it easy, be there by 9am for fuel and breakfast;)
  14. Just a suggestion, but you might like to start a new thread so people know about the ride...assuming that's the idea..
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  15. So I assume you've given up on Bacchus Marsh starts?
  16. #16 petrochemicals, Jun 23, 2013
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2013
    id love to come, could i meet someone on the South Gippy Hwy in the morning maybe ?
  17. O hell no, I like nothing better than downing a slab for an extended period of time :p

    If you get on the STH Gippy HWY just keep coming till you see the BP/McDonalds :)
  18. Thanks Daniel for a excellent day :) one of the most challenging rides to date, learn't a lot about riding this time of the year and the roads were awesome ,you did a great job of Leading,and waiting for me(y) PS: Thanks for the loan of your Winter gloves,be getting a pair tomorrow.Thought two pairs of inners would keep the hands warm enough ,man was i wrong.Thanks again for a great day:)
  19. Thanks for the company, glad you enjoyed the ride.

    I’d like to thank me for leading and me for corner marking I think I did a fantastic job yet again; I’d also like to thank Andrew for teching great work mate.

    All in all had a very enjoyable day on some really nice roads, although a tad fresh the sun was out and the roads were mostly dry.

    However I was a little unhappy with some of my lines today, think I might need to sign up for some mentoring if anyone wants to offer there services.

    Just a side note for new comers, never under estimate the worth of a quality pair of winter gloves ;)

    Cheers Daniel
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  20. Sorry Toad, you don't know how bad i wanted to come. My alarm went off 7.30am, but i just couldn't do it :inpain: ....too many late nights :sleep:
    I ballsed up the weekend good. I was late to the Saturday morning session, and missed everyone at the Gully BP (thinking the car park was used there, not Elwood):banghead:, then missed out today as well ! and this weather...:joyful:.
    Oh well i managed to get a few short squirts in (new headlight bulb from supercheap lol). Thank for replying anyway m8...