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[Dec 21, 2014] Melbourne Motorcycle Toy Run 2014 (various)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by djmc, Dec 5, 2014.

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Melbourne Motorcycle Toy Run 2014
Confirmed Attendees: 2
Posted By: djmc
Start Date: Dec 21, 2014 08:00
End Date: Dec 21, 2014 15:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT
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  1. Please note that the Toy Run this year is on the third Sunday [21/12] not the usual second Sunday.
    No, I don't know why.

  2. 5 posts in 11 years? Where you been man?

    Thanks for the link (y)
  3. #3 djmc, Dec 6, 2014
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    I bought a Jeep.

    Actually I bought a Moto Guzzi 1400; better!
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  4. And it took you this long to walk back from however far it got you before it broke down. Must have been one of those rare ones. Almost reliable. :p:p:p

    Just razzing you, no offense meant.
  5. I know I haven't been paying attention to the social side of things for some time...

    but who's bright idea was it to send the Toy Run out to the middle of bumfcuk nowhere instead of the city centre?

    Calder Park, of all the desolate shitholes on the planet....why?????
  6. I may be wrong but, isn't the one out at Calder Park the one organised by IRG not the traditional Toy Run.

  7. Soooo soooo sooo soo soo so so so so very very wrong!!



    It's going to be huge guys.

    You miserable git. A 40minute ride up the Calder for a bloody good cause... Well fcuk me. lol

    You are definitely out of the loop. It was a big success last year at the same location. It hasn't had a city based destination for YEARS.

    Do you have a city location for a toy run with thousands of bikes, thousands of toy and food donations into the back of several trucks, 30+ trader stalls, Lukey Luke stunt show, Defy FMX aerial stunt show, a jumping castle for the kids and other stuff??? Send your resume in for running next years, thanks Mike.
  8. The only other option that the organisers had was at the show grounds but then we had to share it with a number of other events and were basically stuck in a corner. At least at Calder there's some room for parking, merchandising and entertainment.
    Geelong HOG and the Queenscliff toy run had 2300 bikes there on Sunday. Hopefully the Melbourne version will exceed that.
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  9. Sorry Rob. I honestly thought the IRG ran theirs' from there last year - my most humble apologies.
  10. No Sweat.

    They had an event with 100 bikes last year in the city and this year they co-opted the Ulysses Cranbourne toyrun so got a few more bikes. This year they went to Albert Park lake if I understand correctly. Both times, they targeted the week before the traditional toyrun to "get a jump" on it.

    None of the above is emotive, it's factual.

    The reader can decide what purposes IRG have for running a competing toyrun.


  11. And time for a bump on this thread.

    The weather forecast is for 30C, perfect for an easy cruise to Calder Park and all the attractions.

    Please consider bringing packages of non perishable food rather than toys, since families in need are often very grateful for the opportunity to eat well for a day. Soft toys should be in the original packaging, since any unwrapped soft toys cannot be easily distributed without being first cleaned to ensure that a recipient child is not exposed to something that may trigger an asthma attack or similar.

    A great opportunity to show the motorcycling community in a good light, we hope to have plenty of media coverage. I'll be leading the Werribee feeder (along with the VicPol escort!) to join up with the Port Melbourne ride: see you there?

    ps I'm after a volunteer to be tail-end-charlie, anyone?
  12. Does it matter? It's a charity event for those in need. Who gives a shite how many there is and how many options riders have to participate and give a little to those in need. Charity events are not a time for bruised ego's or chest thumping.
  13. We're going to join the eastern feeder rides at Ringwood.
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  14. Well there's neither but that's pretty piss poor colouration coming from you mate.

    Yes ideally it shouldn't matter how many charity runs there are - even if it was put up in competition and there was some active undermining... but that's by the by. We wished them well.

    The charity and spirit of the event/s is what matters.
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  15. I will start at Werribee
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  16. Started at Wallan. Went to Epping then Calder.

    Had a great time and I hope the Salvos did ok too.
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  17. Well, that was interesting. A good cause, a good turnout, and I bloody forgot a hat and sunscreen, what a goose!

    Props to the organisers and participants!
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  18. #20 djmc, Dec 21, 2014
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    The mess-up with the showgrounds was the cause of the event being one week later than usual.
    By the time the run was moved back to Calder, where it has been the last few years, the usual date was unavailable; today or nothing.

    As for the people who didn't like the venue, we've had better and worse; and I've attended most runs, in some way or other, since 1983. It's always been been difficult to get the go-ahead from venues when you mention there are 10,000+ evil motorcyclists coming. :)

    I understand it will be at the showgrounds next year.

    Kerry and the guys just got a good coverage on the ABC TV news.
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