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[Dec 21, 2014] (Lunch at Robertson pie shop via twisty roads)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by iClint, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. #1 iClint, Dec 8, 2014
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2014
    Meeting at Trooper Lu's/BP Garage Moorebank 7am for 7:20 departure.

    Those who want to meet at the northern entrance to the Nasho can be in the old Park office car park for 8am departure

    The planned ride - Revised route between Mt. Keira and Yallah

    Maps and instructions - - Revised route between Mt. Keira and Yallah

    Stopping at bald hill for coffee and a few other places along the route for a pee and to stretch your legs. Lunch at Robo pie shop, with the route home discussed over pies and for those not fond of pies, sausage rolls.

    The ride will be L and P friendly with a relaxed pace.

    Riders in attendance:
    Trooper Lu's/BP Garage


    Nasho old car park:




    Tomorrows forecast looks good currently Sunny 15-29 8% chance of rain.

    If you intend to come please clearly state so and also your intended starting point:
    1 - 7am Tropper Lu's/BP departing 7:20am
    2 - Northern end of the Nasho in the old car park departing 8AM
    location 2.
    3. Bald hill look out car park arriving 8:40am - departing 9:30am (morning tea coffee,snack, etc.)

    Yes this will be a social ride with the intent to keep the group together and ensure everyone has fun regardless of skill level.

    If anyone wants to show off your boy racer skills or lack thereof this is the wrong ride.

    We will be stopping roughly every 40 mins for stretch of the legs, chat, photo's etc most these stops will be brief 10-15 minutes with the exception of morning tea and lunch

    Nasho Car park
    Bald Hill
    Mt Kembla Look out
    Robertson pie shop

    I don't like rules but there will be a few and mostly for the benefit of any newer riders attending.
    1. Speed limits will be adhered to (advisory limits are optional)
    2. Nobody is to overtake another rider within their lane unless invited to do so
    3. While stopped double file, when moving off give way to the person on your right
    4. When riding single file leave a 3 second gap, when riding staggered a 1-2 second gap
    5. Ride to your own ability

    A decision on the day will be made as to wether we mark corners and have a TEC, and if so the process explained.

  2. Lock me in, work permitting :(.
    I know, this time of year sucks balls. That stupid magical deadline called Christmas does my head in.
  3. ;)Oh okay. I'll come along.

    Thanks for organising! :troll:
  4. Count me in, it's just on my doorstep!
  5. I'd love to join you but I'm doing a track day at SMSP that day. By the way, how did your track day at Marulan go last weekend Clint?
  6. Hey Clint, long time no see mate and good to see you back in the saddle :)

    Interested in coming weather permitting and will be meeting you guys at the Nasho entrance.
  7. Canceled due to track conditions, postponed to the following saturday...

    ...Then Canceled due to track conditions

    Now postponed to January 10, 2015 which also happens to be my birthday.
  8. Will be good to catch up again !
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  9. Yeah mate it has been a long time!
  10. I'll tag along. Weather permitting.
  11. Weather and company eill be perfect!
  12. Ride update!

    Ride will go ahead weather permitting (Overcast/Drizzle I will still be riding)

    Looks like a small group which is often a good thing Jalal has done this ride with me before, Hornet I assume knows the area well, Oldmaid can hold her own, so it will be a pretty casual ride.

    Corners won't be marked but I will stop to regroup if any one gets caught at a set of lights or we get spread thin.

    Stops will be roughly 40mins apart

    There is a small water crossing (don't worry its not as bad as it sounds) any one not doing it I will escort via the detour and rejoin the group at the foot of Mac Pass.

    I'd ask that anyone coming along to please look at the map and have at least a rough idea of the ride route.

    Here is the planned ride

    Here are Maps and instructions you may wish to print in the unlikely event you become separated from the group.

    Hi seniorsenior can you let me know where along the route you are joining us from?
  13. Hey Mr iClintiClint !!'
    Just been out getting trashy with my besties... Told tall tales about riding prowess yesterday.., they are going to ban me!
  14. Moorebank is in my neighbourhood. I will be at Trooper Lu's/BP garage at 7am riding my red Hoonda CB500X.
  15. *ahem!* my neighbourhood
  16. iClintiClint I'll get back to everyone later in the week as to whether I am still in or not
  17. Alright, alright, I'll give you this one. ;-)

    Sounds exciting... I am definitely coming. :)
    Do I need to attach an outboard motor, or pack an oar?
  18. ah, cb500x you got the adventure model. it's nothing serious I ride across it all the time and I took jalalskijalalski across on a gixxer.

    It looks a little intimidating but its nothing to serious and everyone should stay dry provided you don't stop and put your feet down.
  19. Having crossed that little ford many times, it is absolutely nothing to worry about. It is normally only a few centimetres deep and a few metres to cross. I've been through bigger puddles on the Pacific Highway.