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[Dec 20, 2014] Spanner Day and Christmas BBQ (St Kilda)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by cjvfr, Nov 30, 2014.

Spanner Day and Christmas BBQ
Start Date: Dec 20, 2014 13:00
End Date: Dec 20, 2014 17:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

Saturday Practice
St Kilda Marina
St Kilda

Posted By: cjvfr

Confirmed Attendees: 28
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  1. Time for another Spanner day and combined Christmas get together. I know it is difficult this time of year but on the build it and they will come principle. KittKitt and Bruce of MMMTSMMMTS have kindly offered up their home for a spanner day and Christmas BBQ. Gold coin donation when you get there to pay for sausages and drinks.

    We will leave from Saturday Morning Practice at about 12:30.

    So if you have something you want to work on with your bike, or just want to come and chinwag then meet up at the Saturday morning carpark alongside the St Kilda Marina and there will be a led ride to the venue.

    If you need new tyres on the day can you tee that up with MMMTS first by PM'ing him.

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  2. Great idea! I should be on leave by then. Pencil me in!
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  3. great people I shall cum
  4. Lucky you :)
  5. Will be there.

    For those who don't know our hosts Bruce is our resident tyre guru and definitely the person to talk to if you need new rubber. And Kitt is his other (better?) half.

    A gold coin donation is fine but these guys give a lot over the year to help out Netriders and I reckon anyone who can bring a bit of food to help out the BBQ would be good. Some peanuts, chips nibbles or some dessert would be good.

    I am dobbing Lollie in to bring chicken's feet :p
  6. I don't want to scared people away with chicken's feet, it could feel like "the walking dead" to some.....I could however bring some sweets if I'm able to come along, will confirm next week
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  7. LolliLolli how could it be the walking dead when you have there feet?
  8. Have you watched the show? Even if they lost their limps they still keeps going until someone smash their head
  9. I hope you only take one foot from each chook so they can still hop around.
  10. This is only 13 days away ...

    Can I have please have RSVPs by next Wednesday for food shopping .

    Cheers Kitt :)
  11. Also folks, the whole point of a spanner day is that novice mechanics are shown how to work on their bikes by more experienced people.

    So who has some work they want done. Maybe a service, chain maintenance or the like.
  12. Been thinking of attempting to change the sprockets and chain myself for awhile now.
    Looks like a good chance to have some backup help if parts get here in time.

    Do we need to bring our own tools?
    I should be able to carry my massive torque wrench, chain breaker and other bits in my backpack.
    Will just need a spare stand to get my rear wheel off.
    Also if someone has a spare chain breaker as a backup will be tops as I hear they can break easily.
  13. I'll come along, might learn something
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  14. #14 danny_tb, Dec 9, 2014
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2014
    I need to check the valve clearances on the Viffer. Can someone who knows what they're doing give me a demonstration? 3:)
  15. Hey Bruce, feel like demonstrating how easy it is to remove and replace a Ducati rear wheel?
    Only joking :arghh:
    I'll try to get there too guys.
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  16. OH cool...are newbie riders invited too? ^___^
  17. Yes, Respond in the RSVP system at the top so Bruce and Kitt can get the numbers to cater for.
  18. Angle grinder. Simples.
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  19. I'm certain that thought went through his mind more than once.
  20. What about bleeding the combined brakes of a VFR, after the calipers have been rebuilt? ;)