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[Dec 15, 2013] Big River Adventure Bike Ride

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Tenrider, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. Been wanting to check some of these roads for a while. I have picked relatively easy roads and Tracks. I have two alternatives.

    If anyone is keen?

    Warburton to Eildon Jamieson Rd via Archeron Way and Big River Rd.
    Marysville to Jamieson Via Big River Frenchmans Track, German Track, Flowerbag Track.




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  2. are all roads sealed?
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  3. no not many are although last year some one took a viffer on them
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  4. apparently there are heaps of good coffee shops so the duke should be ok
  5. Do this ride again, and I'll come next time
  6. Had a blast. Harder then I expected. Managed Acheron Way and some fire roads then to Big river road were we managed to do Frenchmans Spur,not before we got a little lost and went up a hair raising track that proceeded to punish my suspension.Gravel road was like being on marbles but it was good to get the practice in and some pointers for the day. We were running out of time so we gravel road it to Jamieson German Spur looks difficult.Next time I may try to head up Mt Terrible. Local cop said it wasn't a bad road.
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  7. Awesome route.

    None of the tracks come up on google maps. Any ideas as to how we can find them?

    EDIT: Actually I can see tracks but there are no labels.
  8. I use garmin topography maps on base camp. Google maps is too limited. Wereis might be better?
  9. Might be interested in mt terrible from hope track next weekend if the weather is dry?
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  10. #10 Sir Ride Alot, Dec 16, 2013
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  11. So are ya keen?
  12. You want to try. How about Sunday. I don’t know how the road will be. If you can handle my slow pace?
  13. Frenchman Spur Track

    Archeron Way (The Dirt Part)

    The wrong track.
  14. Yeah why not. I will enjoy every minute razzing you about your snail pace. Hahaha
    Good to get out of the house, let's do it.
  15. OK I will setup the route. I'll post it when I make it up. Do you want to head up Archeron Way to Marysville or up through Reefton Spur?
  16. How about we meet at the Warburton Bakery, 9am to early?
  17. Sorry forgot the address.
    3415 Warburton Hwy
    Warburton VIC 3799