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Debnam to abolish RTA

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pringa8, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. Just noticed this on ABC news

    Major parties unveil roads and transport pledges
    Both the New South Wales Premier and the Opposition Leader have declared transport a key election issue.

    The Coalition says it will spend $1.2 billion upgrading roads, including major highways and major Sydney thoroughfares.

    The Coalition's main initiative on public transport would be a four-year freeze on fares.

    It is also promising more train services in Sydney and says it will extend the existing light rail line to Circular Quay.

    Opposition Leader Peter Debnam says he will dismantle the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) and create a transport overseer called the Transport Services Coordination Authority (TSCA).

    The Government is also promising to increase capacity on major Sydney roads, including Victoria Road.

    It says it will buy more buses and train stock, expand the railway clearways program to untangle the Cityrail network and increase capacity on trains to Sydney's north-west and south-west.

    The Greens' transport policy focusses on increased investment in public transport and a major increase in funding for bike tracks.
  2. The RTA would have to be the most incompetent, corrupt arm of NSW's bureaucracy. The sooner it goes the better.
  3. Woohoo :grin:

    damn wrong bikes. :(
  4. Would privatisation by another name smell as sweet? Now that's worked really well in the past in NSW hasn't it? cough, waterboard, cough, Sydney rail
  5. The State Level of Govt is such a waste of space. It's all about empire buildling for them.

    Why we can't have National; education, police, roads and transport??
  6. RTA isnt that bad, dont know what ur complaining about

    I want more bicycle lanes,
  7. Agreed. Why do we even need state governments....
  8. We dont.
    have an elected Rep on each council that reports to the local federal member, give the local fed member a few staff responcible for council issues and hey presto youve got rid of most of state politicians and saved a squillion $$$

    bit oversimplified i know but it's doable, just how the hell are you going to get state governments to vote themselves out of a job :?
  9. Precisely!

    Anyways, geez it would be great to see the RTA abolished. Although, they'll probably just be replaced by another incompetant agency, most likely run by the same staff.
  10. Name change and a couple of new pot plants for head office. That's all it would be...
  11. Yeah look i agree. It's just a department that is an instrument of government policy. some of the policies are dumb, but don't blame the messenger.

    If you think dividing a Bureaucracy into different departments is going to make it run better, you are kidding yourself. The more departments you have, the more walls you have and the more it costs.

    What Debman is hinting at is privatisation, but he doesn't want to say it out loud. Think Greenslips people.
  12. The bureaucratic crap that comes from the RTA really shits me. Obviously its not their fault that the laws are the way they are.. (well most of them), but it is their fault that they're so incompetent. I've had many bad experiences just trying to do simple things.