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VIC Debate over state's road fatality figures

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Jan 22, 2012.

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  2. ''Research suggests that if all drivers dropped one kilometre per hour off their average speed, we could see around 15 lives saved every year and up to 300 serious injuries avoided.''

    Rightio... Speed is the cause to every accident ever recorded in human history isn't it?

    Driver/Rider training has absolutely nothing to do with it. Drivers don't get complacent from the day they pass their test to get their P's. They definitely never ever break other road rules..

    "Dr Corben also believes more roundabouts will save lives, as 40 per cent of deaths and serious injuries occur at intersections."

    Because roundabouts don't cause any issues in themselves. People never crash on roundabouts. People can always see cars coming the opposite way as well.
  3. I love it when they all say "research suggests..." then don't expand on that, or to actually reference the research.

    It's as if the word "research" is some magical thing that can't be refuted.

    Much like that one from some "professor" at Adelaide Uni or wherever it was that, again, suggests that increasing speeds increases crash rates or risk thereof by X number of times, and which was debunked, supposedly.
  4. My research would suggest that since 99% of fatalities occur on sealed roads, we should all drive on dirt/gravel roads. Same logic.
  5. The article has quite a bit of fail in it, and what's sad is that it's in the heads of some of the key people guiding safety policy. The 1km/h thing... what a total crock of garbage and the incessant focus on speed... all it will do is nibble at the margins given that legal speeds are still killer speeds. And the real fail:
    Mr Thompson, I shake my head at you. Recidivist DUI drivers already have interlocks fitted as standard. The 50 DUI's killed are more than likely folks who haven't been caught before and whom were just over the limit. How do you fit their cars with interlocks BEFORE you know about them?? And the seatbelt thing... it's legal to back a car out of the driveway WITHOUT a seat belt on.

    Driving the blood alcohol limit down further?! Frack me.

    A third of all fatalities involve fatigue. 40% of KSI's occur at intersections. But the authorities want to focus on speeds and interlocks??
  6. As for the main point in the article, the road toll should be explained in both relative terms AND absolute terms. Simple people and cynical policies like the raw numbers, but they don't tell the full story. The relative numbers tell the full story. The relative numbers are also the way that jurisdictions can compare themselves.

    If the numbers could be compared per kilometres accurately as well, that would even be far better.