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Debaffling your Boulevard pipes. (Mpeg)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Blue14, May 14, 2007.

  1. There has been quite a bit of interest from fellow Boulevard riders in regards to debaffling pipes.

    Here is a link to a video which gives you step by step instructions.

    One very important thing is to have a very good drill, the cheap ones burn out..

    Debaffle Here

  2. Re: Debaffling your Boulevard pipes.

    watch that with your speakers up full like is just did :LOL:

    :shock: Droooooooooooooooolllllllll :shock:

    will stick with my drilled out 8 holes

    (sounds juuuussssstttttt niiiiiiiccccccce )

    Well that may only last Until i hear your's in person Paul :grin:
  3. Had 8 x 1/2 inch drilled holes in mine
    Yesterday debaffled, becoz.

    So much better, but my neighbours don't agree!
  4. yep the 8 do sound loud '' especially in the garage ''

    :rofl: invite your neighbour to start bike riding with you :rofl:
    less conflict
  5. hmmmm do I debaffle the 250? Nah just sound like an angry bee. :grin:
  6. Hmmmm, do I or don't I? I have 6 1/2 holes right now so may make that 8 or 9 and see how that is. I leave for work at 6.15am and reckon the Minister for Finance and the Environment would raise holy hell if I made that racket. Otherwise I'd do it!
  7. Mate it sounds awesome on a nice quiet morning.. :twisted:
  8. And it sounds sooo good in an underground carpark .
    Worthwhile to detour into one on the way to work!
  9. And its even better coming home in the early hours of the morn and giving it a handfull down the street.. But i wouldnt do that .. :twisted: :LOL:
  10. or beside a car whose owner is off in la la land

    Mongrel taxi driver with no idea. Decided to slow down to nothing to wave to his mate. Horn wasn't enough - I needed some blat factor!!
  12. Okay, pipes now have 8 holes instead of 6. Slightly louder but what I am hearing is louder 'ticking' or 'chattering' from the engine at idle. It also almost stalls after a bit of a rev.

    I remember some boys were saying that their fuel economy worsened but came good again.

    I also know of a Boulevard rider who has the ticking sound but has been told it's typical V twin. Anyone else have similar situation?

    My bike has 2600km on it. Haven't ridden it too hard but am now enjoying some increased revs and acceleration as it loosens up.

  13. I got 8 holes in each pipe for about 5000km ,no ticking.
    The bike has 8000km on the clock.
  14. The ticking is most likely the valves. All is OK. Start to worry if you don't hear the ticking. Loose is better that tight.......so I've heard.
  15. Mine is exactly the same Jim.. :?
  16. Thanks Paul

    Wonder what it is - bit of slack in the valves or just V twin racket?

    Doesn't get any louder at higher revs - in fact it quietens down and you don't hear it as you accelerate.

    Stay tuned for a Krewser ride from Mill Park - Eltham - Christmas Hills - Yarra Glen - Healesville and return. About 120 - 140km. Will post when I figure out I have a few hours spare!
  17. Hey Jim mines the same although I only have 4 holes in each.
    Lookin forward to the ride :)
  18. Yeah i might come on your ride.. :p And mate if it throws a valve they will be fixing it.. I am with you, i have never ridden this bike hard at all..
  19. very good demo there man
  20. Yes it is a good demo.. I had it sent to me by another NR member..