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debaffling stock pipes of a suzuki m50

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by dexxl, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. anyone know where i can find a resource to do this myself?

    or anyone know how to do it?!?

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  3. Blue14 has a Boulevard C50 that he has debaffled. He might be able to tell you what's up with doing it.

    Check it out in the "Garage".
  4. yes as long as they are the same set up as the c50 i am your man. I am sure they are.. :grin:
  5. Same pipes - same solution.

    The MJ site has video with sound clips so you can tell the difference.

    I have drilled mine, and am happy with the difference.

    If you debaffle - you cant go back to stock.
  6. I was concerned with debaffling but thought well if its no good i will just have to get some new pipes. BUt they have a very deep note, sound almost like a V8 boat if thats any help.. :grin: I had a copy of that clip ut its gone.. Even had a link of how to do it, but couldnt find that either.. :evil:
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  8. Thanks for your info and the phone call Blue14. I found this clip after our phone call and am impressed at the difference that debaffling makes. Will keep in contact soon.
  9. You done better than me.. I was trying to find it still.. :grin:
  10. LOL, The search button really helped.

  11. Oops - debaffled some months ago.

    I was concerned when a C50 filtered past me when I was in the cage - and I didn't hear him - at all!

    Commute every day on the M50, and the cages hear me coming - and make room for me.

    Not so loud as to piss people off. Ridden past many cop cars and bikes - never been pulled over so far!