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death wobbles

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dr650se, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. death wobbles on dr650 2008 this occuurs over 100klms can anyone help i have checked the bike over but still can,t find the probjem

  2. Stop gripping the bars so tight.

    Also, FYI its rude to just randomly demand info with your first post.
  3. These kinds of bikes are sensitive to small problems. Loosen triples and fork leg pinch bolts and ensure everything is straight. Check if rim is running true. New tyres/old tyres/tyres worn funny? Mis-aligned rear can also transmit stuff to the front leading you on a wild goose chase. Some brands of tyres will give you problems, others won't, this varies from bike to bike.

    Having checked nothing is mechanically wrong, try changing your body position forward and back a little on the seat when at speed. You can also raise and lower the forks in the triples, lower = more stable, higher = more weight on the front, either could solve your dilemma. Same goes with rear preload.

    But after all that, even a perfectly setup trail bike will get some head shake at speed, the speed at which it occurs just increases a bit.
  5. People join forums everyday just to ask one question. Some end up staying as contributing members and others don't.
    A new member doesn't have to start a thread and tell you his life story just to ask one question. :LOL:
  6. Course not, its just not polite. Didn't even say please :p
  7. Are we talking about under breaking wobbles or high speed, no-real-reason "OMG MY BIKEZ WOBBLIN!!!1!" wobbles?
  8. it starts at 100klms and the fastest i have got to is 120klms it wobbles with exceleration and also stays with deceleration untill i get back to 100klms i tried the ideas that devotard sugested but still no cure ihave put more preload on the rear spring 3 turns and still did not work but have now put a new tyre on the front to try today i did have a continental tkc speed rating 190klm also have removed bark busters and head light shroud with eagle screen at different stages to try and find the souce but nothing yet so far thanks for any help so far and everybody.
  9. Have you ridden a similar bike before? One man's "death wobbles" is another man's normal riding experience. I haven't ridden a dirt oriented bike yet that doesn't feel a bit sketchy over 100. My SXV is the best yet, but still head shakes violently at 150+. Strangely enough it tracks perfectly cranked over at 170. Go figure.

    Final option (and this just hides the symptoms not fixes the problem) is a steering dampener.
  10. Going out on a wing here - but how about a different mudguard? That thing looks like it'd be a handy sail.
  11. hi everone and as usual the last thing you try should have been the first the troubble was the continental tkc tyre on the front, i put this tyre on during the running in period so there fore did not no the wobbles would occur as i did not exceed 100klm phr,the speed rating on the tyre wall sais 190klm which is also the price i payed for it,anyway thanks everybody for posting sugestions :grin: