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Death of my beloved 2012 ZX6R

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kolin, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Hey All, thought I'd share the sad news of the painful death of my 2012 ZX6R :nopity: I had in parked on the footpath in little Collins St in the Melbourne CBD on Friday morningb when a City WideGarbage truck decided to mount the curb (some how??) and run over the top of it... not only did they destroy it they decided to get back in their truck after picking it up from the middle of the road and move in back near the footpath and just drive off! Lucky for me it was all caught on CCTV and a witness came told me what had happened! Rest assured I have had a few words witht the council and havbe the police on my. side (although they didn't seem to care much until I advised I had come across some footage). Just wondering if anyone has had a bike written off how long it takes to get a new one (i'm with Swann) as it's my only form of transport aside from public :(

  2. Just get a hire bike in the meantime and send the council the bill. Get to ride more different bikes that way.
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  3. Nice, Sounds like a plan! Called City Wide today and they stated 'None of our drivers have been in an accident' -Changed their tone when I said it was caught on CCTV and the police will be following up! Have been frantically looking for my insurance docs to see if I'm covered for a hire bike.. either way I shouldn't have to use my insurance anyway for the councils incompetance me thinks!!
  4. Wow that is really ****ed up mate, hopefully it all works out positive for you.

    sorry to hear.

    as for insurance, you shouldn't have to do anything in regards to paying your excess.. that should be covered by the council.. BUT obviously talk to your insurance company first.
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  5. Sorry to read about your loss - One good thing I guess was - you weren't on the bike at the time!

    Good luck with the council and Swann.
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  6. BIKE SHOPPING!! whats on the horizons bro?
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  7. Even if you are not covered for a hire bike on your insurance you are entitled to make a claim directly with them for the hire. Though you may have to cover the costs in the short term.
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  8. Thinking 2013 ZX6R though not sure if its in Aus yet? ABS, Traction control, 3 power modes, Zx10R'esk headlights Damnnnn!

    Oh and hopefully getting a copy of the CCTV this week, I will take some stills and have to maybe post the final frame crushing moments and the dodgy f**kers who did it trying to pick it back up... I swear they were like dumb and dumber =D>
  9. Nice choice, a bit of a delay may not be a bad thing for shopping time.

    Use your insurance company for their cold hearted bastardry in extracting every last cost from the council, its why you pay your premiums.
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  10. Wow, that was really shitty of that truck driver! Glad it was caught on camera, and I hope you're not left without a bike for too long. Good luck with it all!
  11. Imagine if you had no CCTV footage.
    That'd be a real pisser.
    Good luck with everything. May be wise to get a solicitor involved as well.
    The council will use every trick in the book to get out of it.
    That is just farked mate.
  12. try and make sure he gets done for leaving the scene of an accident too.. throw the book at the moron..
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  13. Swann does cover hire bikes on some policies if you have taken that option, You can claim the cost of a hire car while you are waiting for your payout and these costs can be claimed against the council , As you are without transport due to their negligence... council or not, you will be covered 100% for your loss, there is no way in the world they can get out of it just because its the council..

    It pays to have insurance, if you didnt have any insurance in this scenario ...even though you are not at fault, you dont have anyone to go in and bat for you against the 3rd party ..
  14. ^This. Bloody scumbag.
  15. Yep, if you can press charges, I would do it. f uckers need to be taught a lesson :furious:
  16. Shit luck man. Thankfully you had it under a camera!

    Do look on the bright side though, it could have been worse, you could have have been on the bike when it's number was up. That and with the 2013 model on its way to our shores shortly, seems like you'll be getting quite the upgrade for the inconvenience!
  17. What a bloody idiot trying to do a runner in a work vehicle. He probably wouldn't even pay the excess. Probably going to get the sack now and who would hire a fired garbo. Absolutely no sympathy.
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  18. What a w@nk! Lucky your bike was in an area with CCTV and got it all captured.
    I heard the 2013 Ninja 636 is coming out in Nov, plenty of time to sort out your insurance and get one of these baby! :)
    Good luck getting it all sorted.
  19. might not be the actual council truck/driver, we have a 50/50 ratio of council owned trucks and drivers and contracted out truck/drivers
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  20. Good point.

    His still a bonehead though. Pretty identifiable vehicle. And I imagine contracts with the council can be scrapped pretty easily if an owner driver does something like this.
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