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VIC Dear TAC...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Chef, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. ...please don't waste our money by showing the 'put yourself in their shoes' advertisement during the telecast of the MotoGP.

    Riders don't need to watch it.
    Cagers (drivers) don't watch motorcycle racing.

    Try playing the ad during ACA or TT or the evening news, as that appears to be when the lowest intelligent drivers who need the education the most seem to congregate to the television and take everything that's said on it as gospel during those times. i.e. YOUR TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC.

    p.s. sack your marketing department.
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  2. Love the tags down the bottom.....
  3. Was thinking exactly the same thing Chef..
  4. Quoted for Truth '' :)
  5. don't need them spamming motoGP

    die TAC spam
  6. Although I stayed up late to watch motorbike racing... I think I'll put myself in their shoes and switch to cage. Isn't that the message?
  7. You're absolutely right Chef! They should show it during the Formula 1 races. That's when all those wanna be racers are glued to the screen, who go out after the telecast to re-live their dream on the road - at our cost!

    Hope you have been a little more diplomatic in your email to the TAC. LOL
  8. P*ssed me off too last night.

    Show them in peak viewing hours not 3am!!!
  9. Love the ACA/TT use. It's so true I'm still chuckling.
  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one that finds it a little strange. Why would they show it?
    Is it a PR stunt? or are they trying to warn us cagers are idiots?
  11. They have been. And F1 is also fantastic (incidentally, the Moto3 race that finished 5 mins ago was awesome)

    It is a stupid ad - they should make it realistic and edit out the Camry indicating, or replace the Camry with the lady in the black Corolla who decided to change lane into me DESPITE MY BEING LITERALLY NEXT TO HER PASSENGER SIDE DOOR AND WHO ONLY STOPPED BECAUSE I HIT HER WINDOW WITH MY FIST on Flinders st a few thursdays ago.

  12. Well, at least we can say to them that this ad is a 100% accurate depiction of what is actually happening out on the roads. How many bike accidents happen, and there appears to have been no other vehicle involved? Its because the rider had to swerve to get out of the way of a car that merged into them. Then the car disappears, and is not recorded as having been involved.

    The pity is that the TAC hasn't made any good motorcycle ads since this one which was made in 2002.

    +1 Chef - Sack the entire TAC marketing dept. In fact go one step further - remove their role in making ads altogether and give it to an independent organisation.
  13. I think it's aimed at making riders think they are doing something. If it was aimed at drivers they'd show it during F1 or the V8 supercars.
  14. It's to stop us scaring cagers. We need to put ourselves in their shoes & see how our actions affect other road users.

    How do you expect them to text, eat & read the newspaper while mototcyclist are punching their windows & kicking off their mirrors? That would put me off my breakfast.

    More respect for cagers please.
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  15. I think the TAC should put themselves in our shoes, even if it's just once.
  16. You are right there Chef.

    But, this is just what they did do - but, that was way back in 2002. They actually sat down with a group of experienced riders (a very large group) and listened to their advice.

    The problem with the TAC, since that time, is that they have forgotten how to listen to the advice given to them by experienced riders - like you and other Netriders.

    Hopefully, they are reading what is being said here, and taking notice. We will find out soon what direction they are moving in, when they release their next motorcycle related safety ad.

    Hopefully, their market testing will be more accurate this time.......
  17. If I was feeling generous, I might suggest that they actually wanted riders to see that they are not out to get us.

    Sadly, I've seen the way media buying works, and I think they just switched campaigns after the slots had already been booked, which is often 3 months in advance. There's still a positive in there if you look at it the right way.
  18. They played the abridged version of the "it's up to you" commercial a bazillion times during the motogp... that commercial is just an excuse to go make tea. It doesn't speak to any rider I know and it offends both my motorcycling and physics senses - makes me want to go postal :tantrum:
  19. Since I didn't actually see the free to air version, can someone clear up whether it was "it's up to you", or "put yourself in their shoes" on high rotation this week? Or both?
  20. To my bleary eyes and mind, it was both, with the scales biased towards the "it's up to you" side.