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Dear Shambles.....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User_5, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Dear Shambles,
    Im having a few issues when riding my bike recentley.
    Ive got loads more confidence in the bike now I have bonded.
    The trouble is, Sometimes when cornering after the little left hander on the Spur , just after the straight....I seem to slide the back wheel alot.
    Im normaly hitting about !90 (add in number where you see fit) .
    Now when I do that corner with a pillion I can actually go a bit faster, dont get off the bike and the wheel doesnt slide.....go figure.

    Is it because of the weight or that im not getting off the bike ?

    Its great with a pillion cos on the next 45 rh he can get his fingers down whilst I scrape the pegs.

  2. Put less weight in the basket and you'll be able to drag your streamers on the road Stookie.. :wink:
  3. It's all the money in ya sporran, laddie; it's shifting to one side and unbalancing the bike :LOL:.
  4. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    WTF ???
  5. So he's going around the corner between 190 to 990 km/h but he wants to go faster?
    Keep at it, you'll get it eventually. :?
    Who is Shambles?
  6. Stookie my firend you need to learn how to ride :p I happy to take you out and teach you a few things. Let me know if you wanna take me up on the offer, I get my new bike next weekend so maybe then?

    The only other advice I can give you is to just keep riding with a pillion on the back :LOL:
  7. of course I wanna go faster, I seen some do it at @10.
    Its a great corner cos everything scrapes, even the pillion.


    You need to learn some respect.
    She is the accross chick everyone is going on about in another thread.
    Thats why she sold it ? :wink:
  8. Sorry Paul I had to get rid off the sporran.....scrapes the tank up and I hear you have banks for keeping money now...... :LOL:
  9. I thought that was pretty easy to understand there Doonx.
    Look at the symbol before the number to figure out which number I mean.
    Your VFR can do it too. Its nice when you slide through a corner, takes a bit of getting used to though. :wink:
  10. quote="Stookie"]...just after the straight....I seem to slide the back wheel alot.

    Hang a leg out, mate...Your kilt will act like a drag-shute, and pull you around the corner. (assuming your pillion does'nt fall off at the sight)... :shock:

    If the pillion falls off, throw the other leg out as well, and safely parachutte to the ground mate... :shock: :LOL:
  11. I dont wear a kilt anymore when riding cos my balls get stuck to the tank when its hot.
  12. Oh!...righto then...good decision THAT!, Stookie. :grin:
  13. This should be stickied, so useful to learners.
  14. Im a P-plater......so that doesnt count then ?
    I only been riding a year. Im always learning and still classed as a *NEW RIDER*
    So I can ask advice if i want.....or can i ?

    Im not sure of any L-platers that have a 250cc that can do that kinda speed so bit pointless i think :p
  15. See "!" now look at the number with that symbol......there ya go cheif.

    (90 is a bit excessive dont you think. :wink:
  16. Oh I get it now, remove the shift from ! to get 190, then remove the 9 from the middle to get 10. Man you need to work on your puzzle skills, that was no fun at all. :p
  17. Well this was unexpected...almost fell off my chair:

  18. I think the explaination lies here:

    was it really her ????
  19. :LOL: :LOL: [-X

    Wasn't I, my bike was sitting in the garage waiting to go to its new home. :(
  20. and what have you purchased ?