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Dear netrider cahns

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. Have a fahn good chrissy all youse cahns. Stay fuggen upright, wring the necks of yer fuggen steeds, don't fall over like fken drongos and I'll see yez all in the faaaarken noooo yeah.


  2. ye tooooooooooo right
    too tootototoootooo right
  3. G'day, I have no idea what you just said but good-oh have a fahn good chrissy to all!!!

  4. Youze fuggin sed it Loz, back at cha ya loony cahn. :)
  5. Thanx Loz. You are sofa king coarse.
  6. yeah....wot he sed :LOL:
  7. I hope the festive season is both fun and safe for all our members too.
  8. Loz has obviously just returned from xmas break-up :LOL:
    Merry Christmas Bud !
    Stay Safe

  9. LOL@Loz

    Right back at ya my finely tuned friend... and to your better half too. :)
  10. Same to you f**ken!
    and the netrider boyz too f( .)(. )ken!
  11. Right back at all yukkaaaahns :cool:
  12. Stay safe, and stay upright. Well, while on the bike anyway. Other times it's up to you. :p

    May we all start and continue 2009 in one undamaged piece.
  13. I say, chaps, I hope this years Christmas celebrations instils joyfully positive feelings in you and all those surrounding you at this social time of year.

    It is my sincere hope you all pilot your motorcycles successfully to their intended destinations, without incident.

    My well-wishes extend beyond the 25th of December and into the year 2009.
  14. I say to you, kind Sir, "that was an absolutely spiffing post; so full of good cheer"
  15. Aaah Ktulu, you always bring a smile to my face! Unfortunately I'm not nearly as articulate as you are, so from one cahn to the rest of ewes, Merry Christmas & safe safe safe riding. Cheers!
  16. Yeah what he said, an' a Merry one to all of youse.
  17. May you all have a happy and safe christmas season. And, out of respect to all us in the retail sector


    I don't want to hear another fugging carol for a long time after tomorrow.

    Probably a good idea to just get as pissed as possible christmas eve.


    Go the 5L keg.
  18. Happy easter to all
  19. The blue pill Loz, not the red, shoulda taken the blue pill :shock: ya fuggin red tin top drivin :driver: cogsuggin cahn :LOL: