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Dear Mr White Hilux

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by deathsminion, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. Well, I went up to the Black Spur yesterday afternoon for a few fun laps. On my first return trip towards Healesville, I came around a corner fairly quickly, only to find myself behind a white Hilux (I believe), with a trail bike on the back. There were two guys in it. By the look of the bike, they'd had a pretty damn good weekend.
    Anyway, being my first return trip, I was still warming up, so I settled to slowly follow them down.
    Now, for some reason, the driver decided he felt it necessary to randomly slam on the brakes, flip me off, and go straight past every slow vehicle turnoff. I'm not sure what I did to offend you, but whatever it is, I apologise.

    BTW, if you're on this forum, I have your rego [SZZ.060], which has since been handed to the police, and I saw the fear in your eyes when I followed you all the way to the supermarket. Be glad I was in a good mood, or I would have had one of my random temper tantrums, and attempted to redecorate your ute with my kevlar.

    Also mods, if this post was inappropriate, I'll remove it. I just get riled when people attempt to put me, other road users, and my bike at unnecessary risk, especially another 'rider'.
  2. Wot a pole-smoker.

    My white Hilux has pulled over many times to let bikes pass.
    ... I'm pretty sure I've pulled over for more bikes than police cars :p

    I think a "What's your problem, mate?" wouldn't have gone astray in the car-park.
  3. Or even a "How did your mirror fall off?" :LOL:
  4. Or, in keeping with other current threads, a polite 'Did I do something to annoy you?' Being the grownup does have its rewards sometimes.
  5. i seen something similar except a p plater on a rgv 250 doing the speed limit on mitcham rd (sat) with some tool speeding up behind him hitting the brakes backing off then speeding up behind him again then trying to swerve as if he was going to pass. then the tool just changed lanes and turned off. i dont know if something happened earlier but it was still pretty stupid (silver colored prado)
  6. Nearly got flattened by a dude in a white Hilux late last week.
    Was riding beside him for at least 50m before the incident. He in the left lane, me in the right.
    He starts merging straight in to my lane (I'm in the right hand side of my lane) without looking to his right or even indicating.
    I jump on the horn nice and loud. He keeps coming over. Gets to about 3/4 the way in to my lane before he notices that there's a massive dude on a bike right beside him blasting his horn and running out of room *very* quickly. He quickly swerves away and I scoot off shaking my fist.
    The blonde chick in the seat beside him looked very surprised!
    This all happened quite a lot quicker than it sounds.

    Rego: [ANT81R]

  7. What makes people do this crazy shit for? I just cant understand it , and usually the police dont do anything about it even if you make a statement( if they let you make one).

    Does it really have to get to the point where someone is seriously hurt or killed for them to learn........... I hope not.
  8. yeah, don't do that
  9. Try being a courier in melbourne. I usually dont "have a go" at most drivers, just give 'em a good scare. Unfortunately as many of us realise, drivers just dont see us. Its not neccisarily their fault. For example, if a car were to drop a U-turn from the other direction (one of the most common m'cycle accidents) and I were to see it in time, in stead of blasting the horn and flipping the bird and getting agro, as the driver will more likely be overcome with road-rage and forget their mistake, I just stay on the gas and hit the anchors at the last possible second, clutch in and revving hard as if I was about to become the passenger in the turning cars back seat. This gives the driver a hell of a fright, and hopefully they will look out next time, insted of cursing all motorbikes for the rest of the day.
    I have however (when working) reached into open car windows and taken phones from drivers and turned them off on a few sepearte occasions (should see the look)
    Oh, and if anyone needs a mirror for their commodore (95/96 LHS), Prelude (LHS) or HINO truck (RHS) let me know, as I have some at home.. Iv'e got one from a Porsche Cayenne 4x4, but not for sale... its a trophy after the driver hit me from behind, sitting a a red light, while he was on the phone, and then blamed me for not "moving up".
    Ride like youre invisible, becouse you ARE.
  10. During the peak hour run to/from home, you're going to be beside a car for some of the time. Can't be avoided. Unless you flying past everyone at speeds looked down upon by Mr. Plod.
  11. No, they won't learn. If they cared about people getting hurt, they wouldn't drive the way they do. :(

    As for the Police, there's not a lot they can do. You make a complaint, then the driver denies it. Nowhere to go from there without witnesses or video footage so nothing can happen. :)

    deathsminion, I doubt him using slow vehical turnoff's is in his plan of deliberately giving you the shits. However you could have pulled over and put some space between you. You then have the option of heading back up the spur for another run, or catching him and racing past when he thinks you've gone. Staying where you were and letting him have the satisfaction of road raging is probably the last thing I'd suggest doing. Thinking he's winning (whatever competition he's playing in his head) gives him a sence of power which is dangerous to others. :)

    Forget to pack the sence of humour this morning did we Grumblebum? :LOL:
  12. hey ktulu did you see the sudden hate toward white hilux owners developing when you posted yours for sale? :LOL:
  13. The jealousy is astounding ;)

    huntersdad - I know what you mean, I still try to stay slightly in front of whoever I'm next to, sometimes speed a little to do that or just enough to get their attention and then drop back.

    The key is to at least get noticed first, even if you then travel next to them for a while.
    Of course, you can't compensate for all the noddy's... I'll wager if they can forget that they're supposed to check their blind-spot, they can forget I'm next to them... :roll:
  14. i'd have just picked up my bike and hit him with it :grin:

    or even fly-kicked scrambles mum..........
  15. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    :applause: :applause: :applause:
  16. if you did that to me i would flykick scrambles mum...
  17. I know I could have stopped at a slow vehicle turnoff, but following and scaring him was me being very sedate.
    Normally I'm very violent when it comes to people annoying me, so I think I did well. :roll:
  18. meh, i could beat you in a thumb wrestle easy ;)
  19. Haha, I'm not saying I'm tough, I just have anger management issues!
    Anyway, spur is on the cards again this Wednesday, hope to see some of you there.

  20. I'm a bit surprised a bike rider did that to another bike rider.