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Dear Mr Policeman,

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by paul_b, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. Dear Mr Policeman,

    As I ride out through Warburton today I am reminded by a big TAC sign that speeding is our biggest killer on the roads. I’m not so sure; If that extra 5 or 10km/h is so deadly, you may as well start handing out tickets for 10km/h under the limit as well because 10km/h less than ten tenths is not enough margin for most people. I believe that excessive speed for the conditions and the riders ability is more likely the cause of a lot of accidents, which is entirely different to speeding in many circumstances, and I wish you would differentiate this in you ad campaigns. I ride within my limits 99% of the time and am pretty sure I am not at risk of death due to 10km/h over the limit. I am however fairly certain that at some point in the future, I will be knocked off by a driver who crosses the centre line (an inch or two more and it would have been today). It not the first time and it always seems to happen on the narrower roads. I see that you have plenty of camouflaged speed detecting super soldiers out on our the more distant of our 2 favorite spurs today, can you please redirect a couple to issue tickets to white line crossing ignoramuses? I can show you the perfect spot to hide. It may just save someone’s life.


  2. "We'll fill our coffers before someone gets hurt"
  3. Speed doesnt kill but stopping suddenly does... :LOL:

    I think that they're just all being overly concerned about speeding on roads. They get people doing under 10km over the limit but still cant catch people who do 50 over the limit.

    I dont think that people get killed from speeding but they get killed either by exceeding their own limit or someone crossing or doing something stupid and causing an accident.
  4. I think most people (regardless if they're cagers or bikers) would agree. Hiding police in camouflage, behind trees or on blind spots etc does little to slow anyone down, but is an excellent way to sting people, raise revenues and fill the quota for fines handed out in a specific demographic area.


    In places such as New Zealand - where speed cameras must be visible by at least 80 mtrs, cannot be hidden or obstructed, the presence of these giant orange flashes sitting prominently in the back of station wagons with their boots open, and/or the added police traffic officers presence (never in the same place) has a much greater effect on speeding drivers, centre line crossers and dangerous drivers than a hidden, camouflaged revenue maker.

  5. *sigh*

    Something I posted the other day on another forum:

    and so the discussion progressed:

  6. So revenue raisers annoy everybody, dont save lives, dont slow people down or correct stupid behaviour on the roads.

    They are possibly more of a danger really because you are concentrating more on what is hiding in the surroundings rather than on the road you are travelling on!

    Why the hell doesn't someone or a group of people stand up and point out to the non thinking twats in the goverment or victoria police that they need to "keep it simple stupid!" and stop thinking of filling their own pockets with peoples money who were doing 3kms/h over the limit.
  7. Victoria is the only jurisdiction in Australia to adopt a zero tolerance on speed. No other state has followed in this direction. On a recent trip to QLD, I saw motorists moving along between 100 - 120 kph in a 100 zone, where as when I returned to Vic and travelled down the Monash, some drivers were travelling at 70kph (sometimes 60 kph) in a 80 zone.

    So much for Kennett's "On The Move"... a thing of the past.

    For this government, Speed = Easy Money which means Surplus... the only thing that stops them going down the gurgler.
  8. I really did feel like looping back and giving them a piece of my mind but I dont think it would help the situation. The zero tolerance annoys me as much as anyone but I was really using this as a lever to get people on their own side of the road.
  9. Unfortunately crossing the centre lane ( cutting corners ) is something only a greater police presence on our roads will fix. Unfortunately the Black Spur and Reefton roads are favorites for 4x4 enthusiasts, and their vehicles which are not equipped for cornering not to mention rally and race car want-to-be's driving like their favorite race drivers.

    Its a pity the police seem to be only interested in acting the "Rambo" and writing a fine instead of making the roads a safer place for all.
  10. yeah well the government needs to get money some how!!

    Leave the poor buggers alone.. your just jealous anyway, you wish you could dictate your own pay and think of ways of raising the cash to pay yourself too!
  11. I don't follow. Are you suggesting that if the police observe a driver cross the lines .......... that they don't give the driver a ticket for it?

    How would you suggest the police make the roads safe? Deterrence and visible police presence obviously not being two things that work in your eyes.
  12. Unfortunately crossing the centre lane ( cutting corners ) is something only a greater police presence on our roads will fix

    By this (if you read it carefully) - means that a greater police presence will likely reduce the amount of people driving in a dangerous manner ie crossing the centre line. And yes I am definitely saying that the police ought to ticket anyone they observe crossing the centre lane as it is down right dangerous. ( thought this was made perfectly clear in what I wrote)..!!!

    Hiding police to target speeders is doing nothing but raising money. ( We all agree on this ) however having a fully badged police car, lights blazing and siren blaring is a much more effective way of teaching someone a lesson than simply receiving a fine in the letterbox. Especially when it happens in front of your friends and anyone else on the road at the time. Not to mention a visual warning to everyone else out that day that the police are out and about, so watch out.!!!!
  13. Now that makes sense. Though I did read it carefully, and if you read my question carefully you will see it is based purely on your comment about police acting Rambo and writing a fine.

    I agree with your last paragraph regarding a more visible presence. It has to work.
  14. LOL Sorry Day..!! Didn't mean to sound like I was having a go at you for not understanding what i wrote.

    Greater police presence does deter people from breaking the law and doing dangerous things ( just look at the Hummers they're using in the city to deter violence etc ). Unfortunately road safety is not high on their priority list.
  15. Thanks for the clarification. :grin:

    I think road safety was going to be high on the agenda after all those collisions recently however if the media is anything to go on it looks like you're right and the focus has turned to violence in the city. Sort of knee-jerk reaction.
  16. 4wd crossing the line scares me. A LOT.

    when i used to go to the spur, that was always on my mind.

    You know the road to reefton spur from marysville? what we call the yellow section where there is a yellow line down the middle, the entire road is about 3/4 the width of normal road and its 2 way traffic. imagine a logging truck coming out of a blind turn.

    I have no idea how i made it
  17. Revenue-raising is part of it for sure... But I think the real reason they're targetting speed is that it's much easier to make convictions.

    If someone does something idiotic, nine times out of ten it's a momentary lapse in concentration or ability and their driving goes back to "normal" immediately afterwards. Assuming there's no accident, it's almost impossible to get a conviction on dangerous driving unless a copper happens to be right there when the incident occurs. Otherwise it's just a case of he-said-she-said.

    With speeding they can just set up a camera and show you pictoral evidence when you get nabbed. Easy money and good prosecution statistics and some benefit to safety for relatively little outlay.

    Sure a fleet of coppers on the lookout for mobile phone users, changing without indicating etc. would improve safety more, but at a prohibitive cost to the public purse.
  18. There's no reason this couldn't be done in the case of crossing unbroken lines, a sensor to pick up a vehicle crossing the line triggering a camera. A picture of a vehicle crossing the lines would be harder to dispute than a picture proving your speed.
  19. True. However, playing devils advocate for a minute, unbroken lines are often in the twisties or dips, hills etc. Places where you don't have a clear line of sight. Lasers (or microwaves or radar or whatever these cameras use) shoot in straight lines so you'd need many cameras shooting tangents around the curve to pick up the miscreants. Almost by definition, the topography of the area of a no-overtaking zone would make it technically more difficult. You could make the cat's eyes pressure sensitive to set off the camera I suppose. But again some of these roads don't have cats eyes.

    There are many ways in which the authorities could target dangerous behaviour. It's just that nabbing speeders is technically easiest.
  20. Fixed speed cameras use sensors built into the road, same as red light cameras, toll cameras, traffic lights etc. The line of sight issue would still apply for the camera itself though but having the ability to be mounted higher and/or off the road means they can get better vision than a rider/driver which would make it viable in some places. Video instead of just still cameras would allow a car to be tracked from the point of infringement until the plate was in view too.

    Of course all this being to increase safety would rely on the correct positioning of these cameras in places where safety is a real concern, rather than where they'll get the most money.