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Dear Mr. Motorbike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by random101, May 13, 2007.

  1. It may seem that you are not a toy, but a machine, that was created in some underground layer out in woop woop by midget scientist.

    these midget scientists are no Santa's little helpers (aka elves).

    These midget science spent there whole life engineering a product that would take a great deal of carriage, skill and stupidity to ride. and IS NOT A TOY.

    Anyhow on the serious side of things bikes are no toys (as mentioned above). If your thinking of jumping on one and going for a hoon your an idoit..

    if your thinking of jumping on one thats great get a heap of practice in. (there isn't much else that can top the feeling of riding on the open road..)and dont think for one second that your invincible. ..

    that feeling of adrenalin pumping through your body isn't adrenaline its stupidity.

    Please take care guys and girls

    and yeah ill get back on the bike. but i have learn t the lesson the easy way please don't find out the hard way. When its to late..

    xo all please take care!

    Also a note to the tosser on the GSX r

    sure you can beat me in a straight line thats great and it was fun for the twisties.. but just to let you know i ride there alot and it just so happened you did about 170km/h + past a speed camera... its a pitty you had a nice bike n all..
  2. If I meet you, remind me to give you a wedgie and steal your lunch money.
  3. I'll bring some cotton wool and sticky tape too.

  4. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. yeah and ill bring some red roses' god forbid
  6. Ok who let you into the medicine cabinet today?
  7. I'm not going to argue with you. I am an idiot. :)
  8. Wow. Wot a drug addict.
  9. He has a point, don't be stupid otherwise you learn the hard way like some of us :LOL:

    Then again, we're here to talk about motorbikes, not elves.
  10. did you fall down because of chasing the gxsr?
  11. I disagree. That isnt the hard way, it's the right way. Push it till you crash, get up, and do it again. It accelerates the learning process by a factor of 100. :grin:
  12. ahah i let mr gixxer go

    then he took off on Vitoria st

    and got nice flashing lights looking after him
  13. Random, get some help, mate.......

    Tis abit of a worry Random might be on the road too,... along with Volvo drivers, kangaroos etc,etc....there's enough weird obsticles to avoid on the road.
  14. Hey random, what was the purpose of your OP???
  15. To prompt you to ask that very question, I reckon.
  16. dont get me wrong i love my driving and riding :twisted:
    and ive tried just about every extreme sport there is apart from base jumping and extreme ironing
    and im well set up for one of em

    but yeah.. just saying its a bit more then a toy you take out of the toy box..

    but who am i to tell
    were all responsible riders here.. aren't we..
  17. Never do extreme ironing, i lost 3 legs, 2 fingers and an eyeball last time i did it. The crease on my pants was so sharp.
  18. Random, sort of understand where you're coming from.

    funny how the F*cktards who take the piss are often the same ones who lament the "hoon" laws that see them being relieved of their rides/wheels when they drive/ride like idiots.

    170 down Victoria st is like 144 down St Georges road. Plain farkin stupid. but convincing people who don't want to admit they me be doing the wrong thing when they do it, is another thing.

    You can only say "take it to the track" so many times. Real skill isn't about what you do in a straight line, it's about the pace, what you do in the corners, and your friend on the Gixxer was obviously another straight line hero......
  19. There is skill in going in a straight line
  20. did i miss something here or did i have too many cones? :shock: :shock: