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Dear Mr Harley rider on the eastern this morning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nic, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Hope you read these forums, I was riding on the far right lane, and you overtook me on the left in my lane. (dangerous in itself)
    What you probably didn't realsie is that I was about to move in the the left lane just before passed me. :evil: :evil: :evil:
    Luckly I head checked even if there were no cars otherwise we would probaly be still there getting picked up by some ambos !!!

    Talk about Volvo drivers !!!

  2. What is this - bash Harley week.

    So why didn't you catch up to him and give him a gob ful instead of being a keyboard hero!!
  3. Tsk Tsk....touch sensitive are we?
  4. Should have heard him coming, so no problem.
  5. Surely this is a post about a particular *rider*, not a particular kind of bike? The 'Harley' reference is just to identify, just like the 'white 4WD', 'Falcon' and so on... so not baggin' all Harleys or all Harley riders, but a particular person. (OK, the 'Volvo drivers' comment was a low blow!)
  6. Anyhow fancy admitting that you got hammered by a Harley, Oh the humiliation!
  7. I was changing lanes, to get to the exit, so if I started chasing him, I would have missed the exit and been late for work....

    I admit the "Talk about Volvo drivers" was a low blow. I'm sure there are plenty around who are very aware of what's going on around them.

  8. Actually my bike isn't exactly quite and at 110 with the wind noise and the fact most noise comes from the back of a bike...

    And yes the post was about a paticular rider not harley riders in general !

  9. Is this bash Harleys week? And to think I didn't realise until Thursday.
    What pieces of shite- pretentious, meretritious, ostentatious lumps of McDonald's bike- American, high in fat, associated with annoying clowns, everywhere and nowhere.
  10. Harley sensitive :p

    I'd never think to post up a complaint in the "hope" that someone who cut me off would read it and respond.

    I'm disappointed nobody has posted;

    "Hey nic why ya bothering dude, Harley owners can't read anyway"
  11. If there's ONE thing you don't have to apologise for on this forum, surely it must be bagging out Volvos. :LOL:

    Who's been messing with my post??? :evil: :? Not Happy...
  12. Did the other guy do the wrong thing? Yes.

    Is this exactly why you are meant to do a head check? Yes.
  13. Hey Nic - shows the importance of head checks doesn't it? You'd deserve to get taken out if you didn't/don't continually head check.

    What time was it that you were on the Eastern this morning? I can't remember passing any bikes on my way in on the Eastern this morning at arround 8am to 8.20am..... As we all know - I ride a Harley. Would hate to think that it was me that scared the crap out of you.... :LOL: :p :p
  14. perhaps it is the latent aggression consistently being shown by a small minority of the harley/cruiser riders that is putting the trolls out tp play?

    another example
    yes you ride a cruiser
    yes you could beat the crap out of me

    what is your point exactly?

    Nic never said "all harley riders are tools." he said one rider nearly took him out...
    why infer he's a wimp? What, you only get street cred if you abuse a harley rider to his face? otherwise don't mention that he nearly killed you?
  15. You do head checks for people passing you on the left in your lane?

    Now while I probably would have seen him coming in the mirrors first, I don't head check moving from one side of my lane to the other.
  16. On a multilane road overtaking to the left is perfectly legal if performed safely. You were the one changing lanes, you were the one that had to give way.
    Instead of getting up on your high horse, go and read the road rules before spouting pompous bullshit.
  17. My guess is Mr Harley rider doesn't read these forums
  18. hmm i read it as if he was changing into the left lane but was passed on the left in his own lane? (as in he was passed on the left - both bikes being in the right lane)

    can you clarify that nic?
  19. The Harley rider didn't overtake Nic, Nic overtook the Harley rider...in reverse. Should be the Harley that is annoyed, but I think he showed a great deal of patience and constraint.....
  20. Errr No. Passing on the left is illegal, period.